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Love?  Relationships? Marriage...

Everyone grows up with the fact of being supported by a partner. From an early age, we are familiar that someone is going to be our partner someday. Choosing a person for spending the whole life is quite a life-changing decision. And when it comes to this type of decisions, we can do mistakes. Now you must be thinking of “HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT PARTNER?”. Frankly saying there is no one fixed formula for checking the accuracy of your mate. But but but… there are certain qualities that can lead to a good relationship.

Before taking such a big decision, stop and rethink. Check out whether you are going to spend all your life with that person or not? I am going to highlight some basic qualities that are complementary to every partner. I hope it will help you in answering that question “HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT PARTNER?”.

Partner must be Trustworthy

As the pillars of the building make it stand. Similarly, trust is the most basic ingredient of a good relationship. If both partners trust one another blindly, nothing can make them separated. Trusting partially or need explanations will not work. You should have to trust unboundedly.


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Checking your partner’s cell phone and social media is reflecting your distrust. Stop doing these foolish things with your partner. Give your partner space and freedom by trusting and see the magic.

Partner must be Loyal and understanding


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If I ask someone about the most important qualities of a partner, mostly I got the answer:

  • Looks
  • Well-off
  • Impressive Personality and many more.

But when you are actually in a relationship, these traits would not be able to satisfy you. Wealth and looks can’t make you feel out of the world but loyalty can. One who is loyal and is with you in every phase is a far better option.

Mutual understanding between both the partners is one the biggest trait that can make your life ideal. Understanding what your partner wants at a specific time by just having a look is one of the best feelings one can experience. So, instead of looking for a charming partner look for someone who understands you.


Partner must give Freedom and respect


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The relationship is actually a bond in which you care more about the other one. You respect your partner and everything that is close to him/her. Respecting one another interests, beliefs and goals is much important. Instead of letting you down a good partner always try to push you up.

Besides that, freedom is also necessary within a relationship. A good partner will never tie you, allow your mates to live happily with freedom. Don’t try to control every action of your partner by threatening. Every person wants to live according to his/ her rules so let your partner do that.


Partner must have zero ego


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Ego is something that will create distances between relationships. And egoistic person thinks first about himself rather than other. So try to stay away from someone who shows ego. A good partner will always keep you up than ego. Don’t let ego spoil your life, just forgive and forget.


Partner must make compromises

Compromise is something that we are learning from the first day. If we don’t have money to buy our favourite branded handbag, we buy some local one. These are small compromises we make for living a peaceful life. In relationships, compromises are necessary.


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A good partner will try to make a compromise in life. He/ she will try to ease you by eradicating what you don’t like. But, always expecting from your partner to compromise is also not a good practice. If a man is compromising than a woman should also try to compromise next.


Partner must accept your flaws


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Good qualities are present in everyone but accepting your mate with all her/his flaws is one of the best qualities of a partner. All of us have some good habits and bad also. Looking for someone with all the adorable habits is just an illusion. So, whoever your partner is going to accept each and everything about him/her. A good partner will never want you to change instead allows you to be what you are.

Whenever you find someone who also enjoys your stupidities and flaws just hold his/her hand immediately.

Partner must be a teacher


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One who is loyal and honest towards you will always want you to make a better person. Instead of appreciating you all day, a good partner will softly tell your weaknesses. He /she will teach you new things so that you can walk in all fields. Whenever he/she get something that can polish you, he is definitely going to encourage you to learn it. He will teach you like a teacher so that you don’t face any problem.

Partner must appreciate you whenever you get down


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Appreciation is something that all of us are looking for in our office, school, college, home etc. Similarly, our relationships also need appreciation. Instead of taking our partner for granted we should appreciate them now and then. A good partner will appreciate not only when you look stunning in some dress rather he/she will also appreciate when you are losing self-confidence. At this stage, your partner will make you feel better by appreciating your capabilities, by pushing your failures on the side.

At the end...

These are the qualities of a good partner or I should say, IDEAL PARTNER. Now the question arises at the top “HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT PARTNER?” is answered. Such a partner is hard to find but not impossible. Instead of keeping yourself in fake relationships, wait for the right one. He/ she will soon be in front of you :D


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