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Depression , stress and anxiety are the worst enemy of our health. In this blog I try to explain some natural psychological cures of depression and anxiety. So you worry about your health and seeking help to get rid from these situation.


Do not spend time alone. stay in touch with your friends and family. If you will stay alone then depression attacks you, like a cruel enemy. So try to connect with your loved ones.

2. Exercise

Take up some form of exercise. Try to hit the gym if you cannot go to gym then simply 20 min walking or running is a good therapy. Exercise can lift your mood.


Do not run away from things that are difficult for you. You just need to face the reality. When someone is attacked by stress or depression, they sometime stop are avoid talking to others. Do not do this at any cost.

Face the harsh realities of life and share your problems with others if you can.

4. Do Not consume too much Alcohol

Alcohol itself is a big problem. Usually people drink too much alcohol as the way of coping with or hiding their emotions but alcohol will not solve your problem. Too much consumption of alcohol can lead you in worst condition.

5. Have a Routine

When someone is caught by depression, the first major change happens in their life is a change of sleep pattern. Staying up late and sleeping during the day time become their habbit. Do not do it with yourself. Try to get up on time and stick to your routine as much as possible.

6. Distract yourself. 

Distract yourself from negative thoughts. Try to keep yourself busy and do what do you like. Pick the hobby that you enjoy the most. I suggest you to go for outdoor activities. More you stay away from lonliness, the more you will get recover soon from anxiety and depression

7. Simplify your life.

Cut off all complex things and routine from your life especially when are you in state of depression. Try to do less when you feel down. 

8 Allow yourself to be less than perfect.

Many depressed people are perfectionist. when they fail to maintain their high standard and try to beat themselves up, this thing make them depress. Always allow yourself to be less than perfect . Make your life easy. you will get relax.

9. Eat Healthy , mood boosting diet.

Do not skip your meals. Going too long between meals can make you feel tired. If you reduce your intake food can adversely effect your brain and mood. Do not crave sugary snacks, baked food or french fries. Eat healthy food, scientifically it is proven that food which is enrich with Vitamin B and protein, can boost up your mood and very good for mental health.

10. Occupied yourself with positive people

In Depression, negativity in thinking prevails everywhere. This is very hard to see positive thing around you. What you can do , join the company of positive cheerful people. You will feel that world is beautiful. No sorrows will last forever.

I hope this guide will help you get rid from Anxiety , DEPRESSION AND STRESS. 

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