How to create a miracle

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Have you always feared the unknown?

Are you afraid that you will fail if you try?

Never be obstructed by your own mind. Your mind is your greatest foe but it can also become your greatest friend if you learn to transform your worries and fears into an energy that will drive you to perform well enough that miracles will occur.

Just believe that you can do it and never think of stepping back. 

Go ahead and just start your work without once looking back. You will do it. You can do it.

Belief in yourself is very important. Never listen to those who try to discourage you.

success is yours if you will it to be so

Sai Kaustuv and Arvind Balasubramanya - Arvind who is a great person and a well known writer is gifting his book to Sai who is a source of inspiration to all because he has a debilitating disease and confined to his bed because his bones will break otherwise. In spite of that he works on his laptop and spreads cheer. 

image source : Arvind

We can be successful if we want to, if we will ourselves to and not give in to depression.

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