How to create your own font in minutes!

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I have always been told to use my own handwriting for certain illustration work and have even been asked to write out various pieces of text for commissions. I was told to make my writing into an actual font, and I thought wow really? In my own mind I just assumed that creating a font would be really difficult, so I never really took that advice any further. Until a few days ago that is!

I came across a website called and as I am a regular user of font sites such as fontspace and Dafont I thought it would be just like those, but it wasn’t. I read through the home page and realized that it was a font creator site. Still I thought yeh ok how hard is this going to be and how much is this going to cost me? But once I had read what it was you needed to do to make a font it was too tempting not to try as it just seemed way too easy! So I gave it ago, and no joke it took me about 20 minutes all together, and it was up on fontspace being downloaded by people within the hour.

BRILLIANT my own hand writing as a font  I must say I was really impressed with myself haha.

My font is free to download too, check it out… 

Toni Sian Williams - Font | Typeface

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