How to Delete TSU Account ??

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Yes, the inquiries proceed! the center point pal and perplexity and pondering about this system proceeds and maybe increments in light of the fact that more individuals are getting to be mindful of it. As I noted some time recently, I don't believe it's a get rich brisk arrangement nor am I relying on profiting at all from it - I simply made sense of I'd test it… .see where it goes. On the off chance that you need to look at it – you can join through my record (you need to join through somebody to get in.


And, if you got in and want to get OUT, yes, you Can delete your account. They don’t make it easy though. The information in the terms says click ‘here’ and ‘here’ is not a hyperlink. Big boo-boo there.

How do you delete your account? You must go to the FAQs page. Look under ‘manage my wallet’ and there is a link that says “how do I delete my account?

which I missed a few times in light of the fact that I wasn't attempting to deal with my wallet!! Isn't that so? It's a touch slippery on the off chance that you ask me. However, once you tap on that connection you get a pop up to embed your secret word and affirm the erase.



As indicated by Terms and Conditions, once you erase your record, the majority of your substance is expelled from the site EXCEPT what has been 'reshared'. Evidently on the off chance that another person has shared it, it's currently THEIR substance – and recollect that, you possess your substan



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