How To Distinguish Between Original And Fake Honey ?

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What you've tasted honey? how it taste? Certainly sweet and tasty right. However, do you ever wonder if you consume honey that real or fake?

For that we as consumers demanded more 'smart' before buying the products offered honey, do not get benefits that should we get from real honey, can't we get even make negative effects on the health of our body. Here are some ways to distinguish original honey with fake honey:

1. Burned up the spoon
Put honey on a metal spoon. Burn the bottom of the spoon with flame or candle. The original honey will boil down to the foam spilled from the spoon, while fake, although boiling but not until the foam spilled.

2. With newsprint
Honey drops on thin paper or newspaper. The original honey will not make the paper wet or torn. While the fake honey will be absorbed into the paper, because of the higher water content.

3. Using lighters
Enter a matchstick into the honey for a few moments. Take it and turn it on. When honey, matches will still be lit, and the reverse.

4. With a glass of water.
Squirt a drop of honey into a glass of water. Honey will immediately fall to the bottom of the glass and still look assembled or not miscible with water.

5. Put in freezer.
Enter the honey into the freezer or refrigerator. Honey will not freeze.

6. egg yolks.
Combine and mix honey with duck egg yolk. When original honey, eggs will change color and looks like a half-baked.

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