How to do the Things You Hate Doing

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“Go beyond what you feel like doing and do what's right. Every time you do what's right when you don't feel like it, you are growing. - Joyce Meyer  


All of us find certain chores boring, tiresome, unpleasant and even challenging. We may not feel like doing them  and we could keep putting them off until we can’t do that anymore. However the reality is, even though these chores are annoying they are essential and we need to get them done no matter what. But the question still remains - How to do these things we don't want to do  without letting them frustrate us and ruin our mood?

Dusting is on the top of the list for me, I keep putting it off until I see the slight film of dust become unsightly and annoying. I go through a mental conflict because I know I need to do it and yet I keep postponing it. I am sure, I am not the only one. Some of you here may hate doing the dishes, laundry or washing the bathroom or cleaning in general. The very thought of having to do these chores may put you off and spoil your day.


Why I hate doing the things I need to do?

These are some of the common reasons why we don' want to do certain jobs. 

  • Fear that you may mess it up.
  • Anxiety about the process since you have not done it before.
  • Doubts about your ability and your potential.
  • You don’t feel like doing it.
  • It is hard, unpleasant and challenging.
  • It takes too much time and you don’t have much.


Now that we are aware of the reasons why we don't like doing certain jobs, let us find ways of getting them done without upsetting ourselves. At the outset we could pay someone to do them for us or we could delegate them to someone at home as a part of their weekly chores. Wouldn’t it be a lovely way to get those horrendous chores out of the way? I am sure you would if you could.

But what if you don’t have any help or you cannot afford to pay someone to do it? Wouldn’t it be better you learn  how to get these tasks done without having to go through those feelings of guilt and unease? Well then this blog is just for you. Some of these tips and strategies you would learn here could help you approach any task you hate with a great deal of decisiveness and determination.


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In the following Querlo Chat by Sofs  on How to do the Things You Hate Doing we will discuss the following 6 strategies to help you deal with the problem.

  • How to get started
  • Re-frame your Thoughts
  • Work on your emotions
  • Alter your environment
  • Get the tools
  • Reward yourself


 Please join me in this Querlo chat below



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My final thoughts on 'How to do the things you don't want to do.'

It is true we like some chores better than the others. However, we may never be able get away from doing them as they might be the core essentials of everyday life. Even though these tasks might seem insignificant if left undone over a period of time, they threaten to break the smooth fabric of our daily life.

The plans and strategies explained in this c- blog, if adopted could help us deal effectively with various aspects of life. I am sure that you have found some of these strategies for 'How to do the things you don’t like to do' suitable for your way of living. The main aim of this blog is to help you live better life.


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