How to drink water Islamic Suggestions

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How to drink water Islamic Suggestions


The Prophet (SAWW)said

(1)" Nobody drink water by holding containers in the left hand; "

(2) And take the water in three draughts one after other, and after everydraught  separate the container from the mouth,"

and further said that, " This way it is more satisfying and healthy." (Bukhari).

He also said, "Do not drink water direct from the taps of the water-containers (to acoid centipede and germs), not drink while standing.

To drink water from gold and silver containers is tantamount to sipping hell fire." The prophe also asked us not to breathe in the water nor to drink at one draught, not drink form crevices in the containers The Prophet used to take waterwhile sitting and by right hand , but allowed to take water by left hand if right be engaged in eating or any other work. After drinking  water one should say, " All praise be to Allah"  If there be straw etc. in the water it should be taken out but not in breathed out.  Breathing in the water is allowed only for "spirtually healing" after invocations and recitations of the verses of the Quran. One should not breathe in the water by putting mouth inside the container.

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