How To Drive a Manual Car

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Friends our life is consist different stages. Every stage needs different necessities. Everyone tries to fulfill them by their means. People move from one place to the other for many purposes so they use some kind of transport to reach there. Now-a-days everyone wishes to keep their personal transport, vehicle or a car.

When a person want to buy his personal car he has already a question in his mind that how to drive a car then he joins a driving institute. Driving is not a difficult task. Anyone can learn driving by learning its basics which are followings

(Friends I am using Suzuki Mehran so I will cite it mostly and I will make it more simple so that everyone can understand easily)

Your first attempt to drive

Whenever you take first step to learn driving open the door of your car, sit inside and close the door if your car is in a car-porch but if your car is on the road or in public parking then check and clear your front and back before opening the door to prevent yourself from being a hurdle in others way.

Remember! First of all read the verse for journey.

سُبْحَانَ الَّذِي سَخَّرَ لَنَا هَـٰذَا وَمَا كُنَّا لَهُ مُقْرِنِينَ وَإِنَّا إِلَىٰ رَبِّنَا لَمُنقَلِبُونَ

All praise be to Allah, Glory be to Allah who has put this (vehicle) under our control though we were unable to control it. Surely, to our Sustainer are we to return.


Fasten your seat belt and then adjust right and left mirror and inside mirror (mirror inside the car to watch the view and traffic of backside of your car) of the car on their proper positions so you will be able to watch side and back view from your car. Check the neutral(whether car is in a gear or its free from gears) of your car’s gear. In Pakistan a car (Suzuki Mehran) has normally five gears out of which four gears are used to go forward and fifth gear is used to go reverse. Some cars have six gears(five gears to move forward  and sixth gear to move reverse) Now automobile technology is touching the heights of renaissance and modern systems. Many vehicles have automatic gears and some have manual to drive a car

Gear system of a car

There is a neutral between the first and third gear of the car. You have to use first gear to start a car always. To use first gear move gear to the left side and then a little forward. To use second gear move gear to straight backward from the position of first gear. To use third gear, from the neutral move your gear to the right side and then a little forward and to use the fourth gear move gear to the straight backward from the position of fourth gear. To use the fifth gear or reverse gear, from neutral or the junction of third and fourth gear, move gear to the right side and a little backward. Neutral is a corridor to all to use gears

Control of a Car

Control by your feet

There are three control of car from your feet which are called ABC.

A stands for accelerator; Accelerator  is used to drive a car or to speed up your car. It is also called speed and it is controlled by your right foot. You have to press it gradually to speed up the car. Don’t press it full otherwise your car will go out of control because sudden high speed. Always speedup you car slowly. Speed meter will help you to watch the speed of your car.

B stands for Break; Break is used to lower down the speed of your car and to stop your car. It is present at the left side of accelerator and it is also controlled by your right foot. You have to press it according to your need. If you want to stop your car then also press the clutch otherwise engine of the car will suddenly shut off.

C stands for Clutch; Clutch is used to active, inactive and to change the gears of your car form first to second, third, fourth and fifth. Clutch is present at the right side of break of under your left foot. It is controlled by your left foot. Always press it full otherwise gears cannot be able control and car will misbehave.

You have two foot but three controls. Doesn’t matter don’t confuse. Right foot is used to control speed and break at different times and left foot is only for clutch. So you have to fulfill only two tasks in one time. Clutch and accelerator or break and clutch. Two foot two tasks at one time.

Control by your hands

Car is properly controlled by you with your hands by controlling staring of the car. Staring is used to control the wheels of the car to turn your car to the left and right side or direction with slowing down gears.

How to start a car

Your car should be in a neutral mode before starting it. Enter the key in its place and  turn it  in clockwise direction to start the self(used to give ignition) then fully press the clutch and active first gear of the car. Speed up the accelerator a little bit by right  foot and then release clutch very slowly slowly. When you car starts running then release the clutch fully and speedup the car by accelerator. When you start you car then accelerator and speed is inversely proportional to each other.

Change  of gears  in a running car

When a car is in a running mode we change gears to speed up the car. To change the gear in a running car speed up the car a very little bit then fully press the clutch and finally change the gear according to the speed you want. The speed of first gear is upto 20 kmph, second gear provides 30kmph, third gear provides 60kmph and fourth gear can provide very higher speed like 120kmph on motorway.use of gears

Use of mirrors in a running car

When you are running a car mirrors are used to overtake the next car. First of all clear your view of traffic coming from right side of your front then speed up your and when you are able to watch that car (which you want to overtake) in back view mirror present near your forehead and eyes then adjust your car in the lane in front of that car. Side mirrors are used while turning your car left or right to watch the traffic backside of your car that can overtake you car.Use of mirrors


 Use of indicators

Indicators are used to turn your car left or right to show the backside traffic that you want to turn. Indicators are controlled by a small stick (in Suzuki Mehran) present at the right side below the staring. When you push this stick downward then the indicator of right side will glow  and dashboard of your car will show it as >R and if you push that upward then indicator of left side will glow and shown as <L .Use of indicators

Parking of the car

Always park your car in the specified area for parking. Don’t park it in front of any home, building, hospital, mosque, foot-path, gate of a park or in any other way of public. After parking the car switch of your car by turning the key to anti-clockwise direction and then pull the hand-break. Hand break prevents your car from moving forward, backward and surroundings by keeping your car firm at one place.

Traffic signs

Traffic signs guide you to different directions, ways, risks and for your and others safety. These are different in different countries.Traffic signs in Pakistan



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Stay blessed all the time.

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