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My Reunning business that I started since last month ago such as; 8share, Duitgratis, tsu, Baidu survey, and Bitlanders. From all businesses mentioned, I like Bitlanders most because it is very easy o do and I can also share my knowledge especially about my skill namely English. I can write some blogs in English every time and spread to the world by reviewing to the bitlanders crew.


In this article, I would like to share and explain how to do that businesses well, how to it works easily, the first is 8 share. 8 share is like some PPC ( Pay Per Cilck ) where if any visitor click our special links, we will be paid from that sharing. So that, the more visitors visit and open your link, the more money you will earn. To have this account, you can click here to freely register =>


Duitgratis is made by Indonesian person from Jambi and it is like 8share and the earning per click is lower because the admin is not so kind as other admin. From this business online I have got much money too. To have this account, you directly open this link =>


The next is tsu, it is recently famous in some media because this new platform can give earnings to the users. It is combination from facebook and twitter. So you can have this account only by invitation code. You can earn more money ahen you have many networks and friends. To have this new platform you may register here =>


Baidu is good platform because if we focus on and active we will be able to get some laptops, smart phones and many other door prizes. To have this account you can click =>

 And the last that I follow and active more than the others is Bitlanders. I will tell you more about bitlanders as detail as possible. Bitlanders is found and created by Mr. Rully from Italy and this platform has ben running since last 7 years ago until now the users always add and add every day. It also pays the users well just by writing some blogs, uploading videos, photos and writing micro blogs status ). Besides that, the users will get daily buzz score from watching 5 videos, opening 5 blogs and sharing 1 video on facebook. By watching 5 videos, the users will get 3 buzz scores, reading 5 blogs will get 1buzz score and sharing 1 video will get 1 buzz score too. When you log in to bitlanders, you will get 7 buzz score and the buzz score will determine your daily earnings. To have this account, you can register here =>


May this help you! . thanks

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