How to earn money from YOUTUBE

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How to earn money from YOUTUBE

Just like bitlanders we can also earn money from youtubeYOUTUBE by uploading videos but there is something i want to say and that is that bitlanders is alot better then YOUTUBE because getting views on youtube is alot difficult. On youtube we earn money by monitizing our videos. In previous days youtube had its partnerership program but not everyone could be its partner but nowadays youtube is using adsense to make money and everyone can do that. SO here are the steps to do that

  1. Create account at youtube

  2. Upload a video
  3. Create google adsense account
  4. link your youtube account with googe adsense account by clicking on setting and then clicking monitizaton .
  5. after connecting you account to google adsense now you are able to monitize your videos. but make sure not to upload video of someone else if you did so then you wont be able to make any money and your account will be shut down after 3 strikes


The best way to make money is to make you own videos and not uploading someone elses videos  because you cannot upload a video which is property of someone else. so make your own videos and make it according to peoples need.



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