How to Earn More Buzz Score Without Spamming

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A month ago when I joined into Bitlanders, I found some irregularities in the global chat. The words "buzz deal" scattered everywhere ‘is this something natural to do?’ that sentence always appears in my head whenever i visit global chat. I still don’t know anything about this buzz deal phenomenal at that time and end up with confusion. After that I immediately close global chat window followed by closing Bitlanders page because I do not know what I should do after finished my daily quests.

After a week just doing my daily buzz (because this is the only way that i know to increase my buzz score), I finally understand the true meaning of "buzz deal". I cannot deny “I’m open for exchange buzz” become one of my favorite sentence when I visit global chat at that time, because it’s really hard to find normal conversation in global chat for me to ask about bitlanders. As time goes by doing buzz deal become very tiring and boring for me. I could have spent more than 3 hours by doing buzz deal without definitive results (i will explain this bellow), this is just wasting my time.

And with the release of ban for buzz and sub comment on chat news, I learned that buzz deal is something wrong to do, because of that news I become more confident to leave that ritual and it's encourage me to create more useful thing like my last blogBut it seems this new policy raises many questions for new members. So, below I will explain how I increase my buzz score without buzz deal.


  •  Do your daily quest 

Always do your daily quest without exception, this is the easy way to maintain your buzz score. I'm sure you already know the concept of daily buzz. Buzz bonus you get from the daily quest will be counted as direct power up. And according on the info I get and this site, direct power up will count at 8 am (GMT -5, Virginia) or 8 pm (GMT +7, Jakarta) at my place.


The picture above is an example diagram belongs to me a few weeks ago where I was just doing daily quests.

Compare it with the picture below when I do a deal buzz

not much change, huh.



  •    Give back what you have got


Source: Google Image

Always check your log activity twice a day or at least once a day. See who buzzing you and return it. “this is the same as buzz spam right?” nope, it’s different. If buzz deal is more concerned with the amount of spam regardless of the quality of the post, than give back buzz is to give some buzz to the post that you like without expecting something back.

In addition you also can always find interesting posts, blogs, gallery or piece of interesting information from the people on leaderboard. Do not forget to always leave a comment on the post that interest you so that the author know that their posting draw your attention. Kindly reminder, try avoid buzzing post that have spam in it, like picture bellow.




  •     Submit a blog, video or gallery for review 


Submit a blog or a gallery or a video is the fastest way to increase your buzz score. From the three options, select the one that you interested in to create.


 1.      Gallery 

If you're an artist or someone who like to drawing, photographer or someone who have a hobby or like to take pictures, show your best art or image and enter it into the gallery and submit it for review.  

Some example of photography to encourage you

Source: Google Image



Source: Google Image



Some example of art to encourage you


Source: Google Image


Source: Google Image

and below are several
 tutorials that may help you 


Source: Facebook


Source: Youtube



According to Bitlanders's Blog, bellow is some point you must know before you submit your gallery

-   Follow a theme  (This is a must!!)
-   Contain more than 5 images  (i think more than 7 image is a safe amount to get more score on review)
-   Be tagged accurately (put anything that you get on your picture or art into tags)



2.      Video 

Create a Vlog or cooking demonstration if you love to cook, or make how to video since I think this is like youtube. 

below are some examples of video to encourage you


Source: Youtube


Source: Youtube


here is some tips how to make good Video


 Source: Youtube


Source: Youtube


According to Bitlanders's Blog, bellow is some point you must know before you submit your Video


-   In English (if the video contain other language put subtitle in it)
-   Original
-   Tagged accurately (put anything that you get on your video into tags)


3.     Blog 

This is my favourite choice to boost my buzz score. Just write anything that you like. because everybody must have something they like, right? If you need some example of good blog, just search at peoples on leader board's blog


here is some tips how to improve your writing


Source: Youtube


Source: Youtube



Here is my first blog

The result


  According to Bitlanders's Blog, bellow is some point you must know before you submit your Blog

-    Written in proper English   (Double check the spelling, add some image, video and tags before you submit it.)
-    Well formatted  (Use Bullets, numbering, paragraph format, or anything that makes your blog good and easy to read )
-    Original
-    Tagged with relevant keywords (Put anything that you get on your video into tags)



I hope this article useful to you. Don't hesitate to ask me in the comment section bellow, and i will try my best to answer that.








Nb: I dedicate this article to Haraka and LookUp who always answer all of my question and become my senpai, thanks guys you're rock!!

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