How To Earn More Money At Chitika ? – Chitika Tricks And Tips

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Chitika is one of the most trusted advertisement agencies that we use these days. Most of the bloggers, who are banned from google adsense, use chitika as the primary monetization tool for their blogs. In this post I write about earning more money from chitika ads on your blog.

Many bloggers are reporting that they are only earning around a few cents for international ad clicks, while chitika pays more than $0.10 per click for US/UK/Canada ad clicks. Means when a person from these countries clicks on your ad, you’ve a better opportunity of making more than ten cents. But,do you think it does worths your time and money ? I think not at all.

How To Earn More Money At Chitika ?

Are you getting many ad clicks but very low earnings ? Then this article is for you only. I am writing my technique here to help you but do it if you are interested.

Use Chitika Mega Ad Blocks :

In 2009, chitika introduced mega ads into their system, from which webmasters get more click through rates(CTR) for their ad blocks. First copy the html link of ‘ 4 ad blocks ‘ or ‘ 3 ad blocks ‘ from chitika, then put that before your post content. That means you have to put the ad code below your post title to get maximum clicks.

If you are using wordpress selfhost service for blogging, then install the Chitika plugin to your blog. After that they will ask you to enter your user name or password, ad block location (above post/below post/above & below post), and the size for the ad. To earn more money from chitika, select the ad size either ‘500×250’ or ‘550×250’ , and place it on above the post.

Do it, then wait for tomorrow morning to check out your earnings increased by more than ten times.


User Perspective :

According to the user perspective , users don’t like large ads above the posts. So it may led you to loos a few users who love cleanliness. Also it doesn’t looks good to human eyes, but you still earn a lot than what you were making.

SEO Perspective :

I’ve already tested the mega ad blocks in my blog, and found there is no SEO harm due to this. We know that according to the latest google updates, we can not put large ads above the post. So do it as per your caution.

My Final Words 

I agree that chitika is not a great money opportunity for standard bloggers, but it’s a nice one for golden members. If you are receiving more than 5000 UK/US/Canada traffic daily, ask chitika support to upgrade your membership to golden. As a golden member you can earn more than $0.20 for every click that you receive.

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