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All people want more: Have more money, a better job, a better relationship with his family, with his wife, better health, better physical condition, all that.

I do not know anybody who says: "I want to have less income" or "I want to have 20 lbs overweight" or someone who says: "I badly want to bring my family" or "I do not want friends." I do not know that kind of person, I have never been face to face with someone tell me that, and for many years I have noticed that the only reason that most people do not get what they want because they do not know what want.

Most people always want more: "I want more", "I want more money, but how much more money? "I want to have a better figure, but what is your definition of a better figure?" I want to have a better job, "but what is a better job for you? Most people have not defined and have not taken the time to define what they want and that is something very important.

Most people do not get what they want because they know not what they want.

Why? Because this is one of the reasons why only 3 to 5% of the world's population it gets all the money, and generally work all you want. And the difference, as I just mentioned, is in knowing what they want.

If you have a child and your child says, "Dad" or "Mom, I have more toys," What are you doing? Obviously you as parents want to give their children everything they want, make them feel good, happy, in a comfortable, healthy, having all the best.

But when his son told them: "I want more toys" What is the question that you ask? That toys exactly want truth?.
If you want carts, balls, marbles, as well as what color you want and other details, so that we can provide exactly what the want. Well if not so, how can your child receive the toys you want if you do not state specifically what toys he wants?

But if he says he wants, gets what he wants, in terms of toys and I do not want to think that I misunderstood you make happy your child only buying material things.

What I want to say is this: that your child knows and feels good when he asks for a toy, then obviously it has to earn, you have to make things relevant to be able to deserve this toy, but what I have is that when he receives, he is completely satisfied, why? It is exactly the toy they want, and how do you know what toy he wants?

Because he tells what toy he wants.

For example, when on Christmas and you want to give them the best gifts to their children, the best gifts do not necessarily have to be the most expensive, but the gifts in which the child will feel happy and will feel very grateful for receiving them.

Now, one of our main objectives for which the parents ask their children to do their letters to Santa Claus, it is because they want to know what they want to buy and give. Unfortunately, if a child does his letter to Santa Claus, the father is not going to know exactly what they want, and will try to guess to buy gifts. And it is highly unlikely that the child is going to feel 100% happy to receive these gifts when perhaps those who were not wanted.

The only way that this child gets at Christmas, exactly the gifts they want, is writing her letter to Santa Claus, and specifying that letter in detail what it wants. And thus as Santa Claus, of course, the parents, give them what they expect to receive.

It is not enough just to say:

I want the shirt of a football team, as it is very likely to receive a shirt of the thousands of soccer teams around the world. The only say "I want a shirt of a football team" is not enough. It is important to know whether you want the shirt to the same club Barcelona, Real Madrid or Boca Juniors, or any other football club. It would also help to know the number so far and what has in the back, and the name of your favorite player.

Not having all the information you would please his son 100%.

The same occurred with everything we want, money, more revenue, financial freedom, more work, money and more money.

As Get More Money

If you want more money, want more revenue, then the question is: How much longer want? Want $ 1.000 more per month? Want to $ 10.000 over a month? Or wants $ 100.000 more per month? Well, you have to specify

Not only say: "I want to make more money. Not only say: "I want more money". Define that both want to gain more money, write it on paper as well as your child's letter to Santa Clauss.

Say: "I want $ 5000 over weekly or monthly income" as you want to have.

Do not say: "I want a new car or want a better car that you have."

Say: "I want this brand, this is the color you want, this is the detail of the interior color, it is the detail of tires and wheels, this is the horsepower, this is the engine that I want to have.

Not only say: "I want a better house"

You. Must give all the details. How is this house? How many square meters have this house? What is the finished floor? How many bedrooms have that house? How many bathrooms are that house? What is the size of the land? Do you have a garden or forward has a back garden? How is the garage or the garage? Is it discovered because there is a perimeter wall? Where do you want to live? Where do want to live? How many levels you want to take this home? How is your kitchen ?,...

Very importantly, write all this, everything in detail Why? Because you are doing a letter to Santa Claus, of course, Santa Claus does not exist, but this is a figurative sense, Santa Claus is being created and fictitious, but what I have is that if you do not put in writing what you want and just you think about it, then this is not just being nice thoughts.

When writing in detail what you. Like, the message is implanted in their sub-conscious. There is a great power to write what you want.

When you know, when you already have defined a way to where you want to go, the world already knows where to direct it and it will be opening the doors to reach their goal.

For example, when you know how much detail is what we want to earn, then get a new client that you were not expecting. Why? Because you have typed, and defined exactly what you want.

Second step in getting what you want: Take Action

So, first you need to know what you want, then you need to start taking action. One of the easiest ways to get what you want is as follows: first, define what you want, as I say, then, move, move immediately take action. When the world sees that you are moving, you begin to generate momentum, and then the universe will help get things because they know that you are doing something to get what he wants.

When you see their children working, studying for example, to get a good grade on an examination of the school, does not help you when you see the effort of their children and tries to reward the best efforts of their children in the best way possible? Do not you think then the universe does the same with you? But you have to move.

Third step in getting what you want:

Find the right tools. One of the best ways to look for the tools is to find someone who already has or has already obtained the results that you expect. Do you know what is the easiest way to get from point A to point B? Find someone who has already walked by that section, which already has made such a journey, which has already achieved that result.

Why? Because this person already has experience. It is the result that you want to get, you do not have yet, and besides that person and realized what things do not work, for example, to go from point A to point B, you know that we must not deviate in this way, that we should not take this detour, that we must not take this route wrong because he has already done, and knows the best way to do it.

If you. Wants to manufacture a wheel, then never try reinvents. Why? Because someone already made the wheel for you, then simply find that person, that person model. The power of mentoring is very large.

What do you want? How much do we want to achieve their financial freedom? Is 10 years? Is 15 years? Or What if you could teach someone in less than three years to get one? So, that is why the importance of

obtaining a mentor.

In summary:

1. Define what you want, if you do not define what you want to never, ever going to get. Do it in detail.

2. Begin to move immediately, if not starting to move, ever going to achieve what you wrote in step No.1

3. Search tools or someone who already has the results that you want, find a mentor in anything you want to do.

Suppose that you are a doctor and want to get better results in their surgeries, then find that doctor who already have the results you want, there's always someone who did what you want, just look at that person, it is very important , and this is one of the first steps you will take. If you do this, the road to success will be provided, it will be much faster.

You can earn all the money you want to earn, everything depends on you.


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