How to earn some extra Bitcoin with Fun

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How to earn some extra Bitcoin with Fun


Welcome to my post again. I am going to address another interesting destination where you can earn some extra crypto currency. We are all not a good writer or not a creative artist that we all will be able to produce or write high quality article or something else to attract viewers/readers/clients to grow or build our wealth. But till, there are many opportunities available online, to build our savings by penny by penny or you can say satoshi by satoshi. The reason I am saying about Satoshi is as because the era of crypto currencies is rapidly covering almost all sectors in the world. And as of now, it is the only currency which does have only one universal rule for transaction around the world. You need not to bear any separate charges for transacting the Bitcoin from your country.  So start earning this bitcoin and start saving in your wallet.


The previous post “How to earn free Bitcoin” is all about a monotonous work and you possibly will feel some boring and may lose your patience too. But it is sure, that you will able to make flow of earning to your wallet continuously as long as you put your effort and energy in, as well as hold your patience there. By the way, if you had missed my earlier post on this subject, you can still visit that here (How to earn free Bitcoin) and rejoin after finishing that.


Know how to make Bitcoin:

When I first heard about Crypto currencies, I started to gather all information about it immediately and able to find out many ways to earn it. I realized Bitcoin can be earn or make through these ways; like, 1) Mining Bitcoin, 2) Earning Bitcoin.

Mining Bitcoin can be possible by two ways; direct mining with owning all hardware and equipments or Purchasing mining contract from Cloud Mining Service Provider.  I will come with detailed information about this, later in my next post; hence before of that, let’s start with the second one, earn some extra Bitcoin but FREELY.

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Create a Safe and secure Wallet:

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By the way, who doesn’t owned wallet yet or doesn’t have such wallet which capable to receive micro-payment, I would strongly recommend to create a wallet in Xapo, because the sites I am going to suggest for earning, all are paying through your email address. Xapo only having email payment enabled feature. It works smoothly and instantly. Also creation an account in Xapo is not a headache at all, it can be done within a fuss, and just you need to have a valid ID proof only. They just need your ID number, issued by your Government, not even scan copy they will ask for the verification; you will be ready to use their service instantly.


Now you are ready to earn with fun:

Yes, you read it right. It is not boring or monotonous work at all. You will enjoy staying their site. Imagine how it will be! Enjoying and earning! Is it not a spectacular combination? I think yes. So truly, as I am a constant user of Bitlander, my first preference goes with this (, but definitely the second obvious time pass online site will be the FarmSatoshi.  It is a game of farming, where you have to buy animals, feed and watering them to let them produce, which you can sell and earn profit. The game will start with some Satoshi which you will get as soon as you open the account. Even you can take loan too to increase your farm production and make profit, but you have to repay your loan with interest. But be sure, there is no way to bring money in. You will not have any kind of opportunity to invest in this site, only you can withdraw your earning from there; and at any time, to your wallet.  As investment opportunity is nothing available there, needless to say, it never makes you loss anyway. The only thing to capitalize here is your time, comprehension and intelligence. 

As I am presently at 15th level there, I am quite capable to withdraw averagely 100 thousand Satoshi per day. Though it is a very small amount in count, but I must admit, that nobody is ready to give you any free amount to enjoy their service. Hence, grab this chance sign up here. Enjoy the site, play the game wisely, make some friends there, chat with others, take help of others, have fun and totally doing all these things gain some earning every day, every moment. Build your savings in your wallet. By the way, let me tell you that, it is another Faucet game, about which I have an explanatory note in my last post “How to earn free Bitcoin – From  Bitcoin Faucet Game”. Please remember, signup FarmSatoshi game with your same email address with which you have register in Xapo. Thus you will be able to withdraw your earning at anytime you wish.

Perhaps, I am enjoying this site daily. Day by day, the popularity is increasing constantly of this site because of their constant implementation of new event and new features; which are really interesting and able to keep the users’ attention to their site. One of the special things in this game is “Speed Game”; Game in game. Winners get extra rewards in this special game, as I have won too. Watch the video, how I utilize the reward here.

I got a 4000 satoshi plus a Wheel of Fortune ticket after I got the position in top 20 in the Speed Game. I span the wheel and got luckily an “American Black Turkey” which will produce eggs and meat as well. I will about to earn some around 6000 satoshi extra selling those produces.  Recently they have started “Auction” too, as well as they are coming up with many new features very soon.


Let me confirm you again, their payment process is really an awesome. It will be done instant. At least, you will not repent on your effort; as you are allowed to cash out at anytime to your wallet in any figure, converting your energies and time you spend there, into Bitcoin.


So what you are waiting for? Join clicking here; create your own farm and grow your wealth. If you want me to help you to get success, I am here for you. Your success only pledge me if you join my team through my links. Happy earning.

Disclaimer: All the information provided by me, on the basis of my personal experiences. © sweetmou (Moumita Samanta). Image Credit: Xapo, FarmSatoshi, YouTube, Pixabay

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