How to edit Drupal themes with Adobe Dreamweaver cc

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As drupal users are increasing day by day. Also there is not much information available for drupal theminng. It is hard some times to search for specific codes and variables use in drupal themes. Most of Developers including me have been always in search of any code editor to provide specific codes for any CMS. Among all code editors Dreamweaver have been always at the top and provided many useful solutions for such needs.

Today I am going to show another trick to simply edit drupal themes with Lat-east Adobe Dreamweaver cc. although this trick works by a small changes on other Dreamweaver’s versions as well.

Step 1- Site setup

In Dreamwevear’s interface go to site>new site. in new windows opened, type a name for Site name and select your site folder

New Site

in above windows after you specified your site folder click on Servers”second menu on left side of the window” then click on “+” sign as in below image.

site setup

it will open another window. Here type your server name, chose local/Network from the select list as you see on image below. please chose again your server folder and type the url which is a local url in this case. then click second tab which is “Advanced”.

new site setup

in the tab advanced chose the server model as PHP MySQL, as it is chosen in image below and click save

bassic site setup

unchek the box remote and check the box testing and click save

site setup basic

now you can see on the right side of your Dreamweaver program that all site folders and files are loaded and shown.

site managed

Step 2 – Adding Specific code hints

from menu site>Site-Specific code hints open new window. then from drop-down list of structure select Drupal and click ok

site specific code hints

now you can see a new file named dw_php_code hint… is created among your files on the right side and the code hints functionality is added to your Dreamweaver  Program.

drupal dreamweaver code hints

Step 3 – Viewing live in Dreamweaver cc

Open your template.php file, click on live view, if it is displaying 404 page or any error, just remove the name of the file in the url. in our example i have removed template.php and changed this url jk.local:8080/template.php to jk.local/ click enter and it will display your site live inside Dreamweaver. now you can edit it graphically or by code.

dreamveaver live view


Okey!! you are done. I hope it would be useful for you. If you liked it please don’t forget to share your comments and suggestions.

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