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Part of my tasks with my current work is to provide assistance to the local government. This includes the provision of technical assistance in the implementation of various government programs.  The local government units including the barangays (villages) would from time to time seek the help of the office in matters concerning barangay matters. 


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With the new sets of officials who won from the recent barangay election, it is our mandate to guide and help the newly elected officials in the performance of their functions in their respective villages. Thus, a series of training must be done in order to enhance the knowledge of every official which would help them deliver what is expected of them. 

Speaking Invitations


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Being in charge of the Bids and Award Committee (BAC) concerns in our office, I was tapped to speak on the topic concerning Procurement Process

I gladly accepted the offer. I am happy that one of the officers in the province came to the realization that I am the perfect person to discuss this matter. When I checked the ready-made presentations for the whole activity, I discovered that only my topic has no presentation included. I need to make my own PowerPoint Presentation.

It is a great honor whenever I received offers to talk about certain topics. The last time I did it was in July when I talked about Child-Friendly Audit. During the prior year, I was also invited in to talk about Leadership and during the Children's Month. Most often, I would be offered to be an emcee or a secretariat. I accepted all of those offers without hesitation. I am happy to be given a chance to visit other places. Additionally, they are also giving some tokens which are helpful for some extra spendings. 

I wasn't expecting to be part of the training team for this particular program because as I browse the topics, I couldn't find anything that is related to children which is the program I currently handling. The topics are concentrated on flagship programs of the department, governance, roles, and functions of the barangay officials, benefits and privileges, disaster preparedness and other topics needed in order to have a smooth start-up. Most financial topics were given to personnel from their respective municipalities. 

For some reason, Mam Rose, the officer from a certain municipality called me several days before the start of her training. She asked me if I could discuss "Procurement". 



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When I looked at the prepared presentations, I couldn't find one pertaining to the topic given to me. In other words, I need to prepare my own. I requested a copy of the previous presentations related to the topic from another colleague and used it as a reference. I also referred to Republic Act 9184 for the contents. 




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One of the challenges I encountered was the schedule of the discussion. I need to discuss from 2 pm to 3 pm. Most speakers are having a problem when given this schedule because participants tend to sleep during this time of the day. How to keep the audience attention is something I need to work on.

>Short Preparation Time


Given the short time to prepare my materials was another obstacle that I need to be given a proper solution. 

>Length of Time for Presentation

I decided to work on the presentation to take only the basic matters related to the topic given to me considering that my participants are mostly new officials. The time allocated was also another factor to consider. One hour might not be enough to cover all the details so I need to pick up the most important one. 

Creating a Difference


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I have been observing the speakers every time I am attending training. Some are good at delivering jokes and adlibs while others are bookish. One thing that we speakers don't want to happen is to notice that almost half of our participants left the area while we are discussing. I need to think of a way that will make a difference. 


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While working on my presentation, I thought of incorporating a game. I searched for ready-made spinners as I don't have enough time to learn how to do it. When I found one, I inserted it after the end of the sub-topic. I prepared simple questions that I have to ask after each sub-topic. I also prepared small tokens, something they can munch while listening. I chose some packs of chips.


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When I stepped in front of the audience, I know they are somehow waiting for me to give my introductory part. I tried my best to speak in our native dialect and congratulated everyone for winning the election. 

I noticed some are writing what is being presented while some are talking to each other. I encourage them to ask a question as we go along with the discussion. I am familiar with this topic because it's been a year since I am handling the procurement matters in our office.

When I'm done with the first sub-topic, I asked them if they still have other questions. when they say none, I told them to get ready because I will be the one asking a question. the spinner appeared on the presentation. I gave some token to the participant who could answer the question. After that moment, I noticed that participants became more attentive to the succeeding sub-topics discussions. I gained praises from the organizer. 

More Offers


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On my way home, I received several calls requesting me to discuss the same topic during the conduct of their trainings which are scheduled for the succeeding weeks. 

Here is another video that will engage our audience when we deliver a presentation. Enjoy watching!

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On the Final Thought...

We might not be the best in a particular field, in my case - in public speaking. But we can apply our given talent and skill to enhance our capacity to deliver what is expected of us. Because I am a tech-savvy person, I applied my skill to give a good presentation which gained appreciation from my colleagues and the participants.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

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