How to Enjoy Selphy CP1300 Printer for Creativity?

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Digital photos scrolled through beaming and touch-sensitive screens may seem enjoyable but there is still joy in getting your photographs printed. There are still reasons why one must print their images most especially if they were coming from an event which you dearly cherish.

Printing photos, on the other hand, may also look overwhelming. Most of the time, when we think of getting our pictures printed, it gives the notion that we must visit a studio or a camera house and get our memory cards or flash drives ready for them to take the digital files and print it from there. 

But, printing photographs doesn't always mean that way. There are other printers which can be handy, just like the Fujifilm Instax and similar cameras which allow on the spot developing and printing of your newly taken shot or take a look at Canon's Selphy CP 1300.

Today, allow me to share some of the ways on how you can enjoy this type of printer. It may not be for everyone but surely those who are into crafts and creativity can make use of the recommended bullets below.

What is Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer?


Image credits: Jean Beltran uploaded via bitLanders

A compact, portable Wi-Fi printer that prints quality photos direct from your camera or smartphone anywhere, anytime, any occasion.

Information from: canon

With its size and functionality, this new addition to Canon's SELPHY compact wireless printers offers a wide range of usability. It can be used for personal or business too, in fact, I had personally seen someone using this for a business!

Canon Selphy CP1300 has a battery pack which can be bought optionally. The main box comes only with a power cable but with a battery pack, printing images without a direct power outlet source can be possible!

How to Enjoy Selphy CP1300 Printer for Creativity?

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It is true that this generation, we are more getting into the "less" stuff. I mean for example in terms of writing, we want paperless so we are embracing digital machines such as tablets and mobile smartphones for our note taking and other stuff. Dubai is one of the great examples for this as they aim to be the happiest and smartest city on earth.

Others want to have a small compact item so that they don't have to bring a lot of things and stuff their bags. Mobile devices are getting smaller, more and more units are now turning into wireless charging, the devices are not into invisible connectivity and so on.

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But when you are into crafts, while going digital and do crafts on Adobe Photoshop or other software, there's still unleveled happiness when we have actual, tangible items on hand. Included to that are images, photos, pictures or call it snaps.

1. For Scrapbooks

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It can't be called scrapbook without pictures. Images make this type of book alive. Photos of friends, family, relatives and loved ones, or perhaps that unforgettable event that has occurred just recently, we all want to keep memorabilia of that and a scrapbook is best fitting to use.

I for one had been addicted to scrapbooks, both the traditional one and the digital too! I have laid out advantages and disadvantages in one of my blog posts before about the two but I am not going to deal with that today because I that's for another topic.

With the Canon Selphy CP1300, printing photographs to be pasted into your scrapbook is just a few button pushes and screen taps away.

2. For Journals

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May it be bullet journals or just the basic ones, documenting your travels or just the daily routines, tracking schedules, adding stats and more, they all look nice when they get small visual representations of the things mentioned inside these books.

Unlike the scrapbooks, journals most of the time have more write-ups than ephemera but just like the scrapbooks, a few photographs make journals lively and interesting, "Instagram" worthy per se.

In both occasions, the Canon Selphy CP1300 can accept several images from the mobile phone or other gadgets over wifi and layout these images straight on the printer with the use of its screen!

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This is fun and very entertaining already, I have tried it and can't even stop making layouts myself on the printer. However, if one is having a hard time doing so on the printer, he or she can, of course, layout the image straight from the phone or the device and send the ready to print 4R photo file to the printer. This is another good blog idea, I will soon share my workflow in laying out the images and printing on the SELPHY printer.

3. For Occasional Photo Booths

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One might think, a photo printer this small can only be for personal use, but no, you are certainly wrong because this printer can be used for printing legit images too! One that I can list here would be for photo booths!

There are so many ways of monetizing this electronic. Photo Booths, of course, requires moving a printer with you anywhere the clients would like their events or parties held. Let me cite a few, beach wedding, hotel birthday party booking, out of town and a lot more. Bringing a huge photo printer is not a cool idea thus, any business minded person would want a smaller and more portable printer in this case.

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I have seen and tried it personally and I know it may be small but it is certainly efficient and it does the job! Perhaps the only downside is that it takes a little longer to print because the printer takes four rounds, first three, it applies the yellow, red and dark tones while in the fourth time, it coats the paper for protective purposes.

4. For Personal Photo Albums


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One more way I'd like to add that those who want their photos printed and saved in an album, the physical, tangible type can surely use this printer. Traditional photo books or albums are not dead. There are still people out there like me who wants them and I believe I am not alone in this.

The good thing about this is you can customize the sizes of the images, layout all portraits to print 2R while landscapes can be put as for how you wanted. More photos can also fit into one single 4R size as you can select and group them.

5. Send it as Post Cards

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What better way to enjoy this than share the happiness? I have not done this yet but I am planning to do so. That whenever I travel and gets home, I must print a few photos and share it with the family.

One person whom I want to share them to is my niece who loves photography and art too! She would certainly love to see the places we have been to and perhaps in the future, God willing, she can also join us in our adventures.

Also, my parents would definitely love to have a copy too!

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True enough, the possibilities of using the Canon Selphy CP1300 photo printer awaits on your creativity and purpose.


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