How to Gain Weight Fast and Build Muscles.

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There are people who want to gain weight. It is true that the people who want to lose weight are more in the world than the people who want to gain weight but it is also true that there are such skinny people who really want to gain weight and achieve body fitness. Being underweight can also be just as bad as just being overweight. So there are some people who are underweight are worried about their health and some just wanted to gain muscles. In this blog, I am going to write about How to Gain Weight Fast and Build Muscles so that you could easily gain weight and build your body muscles in no time.

This blog is also going to be very helpful for those who want to go to the gym and make their muscles. So without wasting any time, let us just get started with my todays topic.

1. Drink Milk

If you want to gain weight, then add milk to your diet because milk has been used as a weight gainer for decades. The fact is that milk contains a very good balance of proteins, carbs, calcium, fats and other useful nutrients and vitamins. Those who wanted to make muscles are also highly recommended to drink milk on daily basis along with your exercise or gym workout. It is a good diet to gain mass in both cases.


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Therefore, try to drink 1 or 2 glass of milk along with your daily routine diet if you wanted to gain weight. And if you wanted to make muscle then drink before or after a workout.

2. Protein Smoothies (Home Made)

Smoothies are a quick way to gain weight because they are highly nutritious. But the most important thing is that these smoothies should be made at home because the commercial versions are mostly full of sugar and lack nutrients. Therefore, make your own smoothies at your home. This will also give you more than one flavor if you want.

Here are few of the smoothies which you can easily make at home and gain a lot of nutrients and proteins which will allow your body to gain mass.

I). Vanilla Berry Shake

II). Chocolate Banana Nut Shake

III). Caramel Apple Shake

IV). Chocolate Hazelnut Shake

V). Super Green Shake

VI). Vanilla Blueberry Shake

All of these smoothies can provide you up to 600 calories. Not only calories but it also provides your body with good amount of proteins,  minerals, and vitamins.


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 3. Eat Red Meats

Simple meat is always healthy for health because it contains a lot of proteins. The type red meat is one of the best muscle building food because it contains leucine and dietary creatine which are the best supplements for muscle building ever present on earth. Not only this, red meat has more calories and fat than the other usual meats. Therefore, red meat is a great food to eat as a diet and gain weight fast because of the above mentioned high-quality ingredients present in it.


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4. Rice

Rice is convenient and low cost. It is available whole year and at cheap rates. Not only it is easily available and cheap but it also contains a lot of calories which you can obtain with a one-time eating. Thus it is a good dish to add to your diet to gain weight fast. The weight gaining ingredients present in it are carbs which are easy to digest It should be kept in mind that rice should not be eaten in large amounts because they have potential arsenic and phytic acid content which could be hazardous for your health.


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5. Potatoes and Starches

Starchy foods are very effective and low-cost foods which could be easily added to your diet. They are effective in a way that they have extra calories which are helpful to gain weight fast.

Here few of the sources with a lot of starch

I). Oats

II). Quinoa

III). Beans and legumes

IV). Corn

V). Potatoes and sweet potatoes

VI). Squash

VII). Buckwheat

VIII). Winter root vegetables

Potatoes and other starches also add glycogen in your body which are a kind of fuel source for many of the sports and activities. Therefore, healthy starches are a great way to get fiber and important nutrients. Boosts your calorie intake and increases your muscles. Most of the times, the trainers at gyms recommends you to eat boiled potatoes because they contain more calories.


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6. Eat Salmon and Oily Fish

As mentioned earlier that red meat is an excellent source of protein. Similarly, salmon and all the oily fishes are also an excellent source of protein and many other important healthy fats. Salmon and oily fish provides omega-3 fatty acids which have many health benefits and also fights disease. It also provides a high-quality protein which helps you to gain weight or build muscles. Once a week or twice a week could be a very helpful diet plan because its high consumption could be dangerous for your health. Thus having salmon twice a week is a good way to gain weight fast.


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7. Eat Dried Fruits

Dried fruits could be the best mass gaining supplement because it contains large amounts of calories. Not only calories, it also provides some good amounts of antioxidants and micronutrients. They are rich in sugars and tasty to eat so they are the perfect food to eat to gain weight fast. Most of the people think that when fruits are dried, its nutrients are lost which is not true. In fact, dried fruits contain a lot of fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Thus dried fruits taken with some protein source are the very healthy diet which will allow you to gain weight or build your body muscles. Adding dried fruits to your diet would be a great idea to gain weight fast.


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8. Eat Eggs

We all know that eggs are full of proteins. They are one of best muscle building food available on earth. They give a great combination of healthy fats and high-quality proteins to build body muscles. The most important part of an egg is its yolk because almost all of the nutrients are found in the yolk. If you wanted to gain weight fast, eat 3 eggs per day because they are going to increase your protein intake which is very useful in mass gaining and muscle building. The trainers add gyms always asks you to eat boiled eggs because they help you a lot to gain muscles.


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This is all for todays blog. I am hopeful that you have liked my blog. I have tried to provide the correct information as much as possible. If anyone of you knows any better ways to gain weight fast then let me know in the comments and all other people who are looking for ways to gain weight fast. In the end, there is a youtube video which will explain more about the ways to gain weight fast. Watch it till the end.

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