How to get a good BUZZ!

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Well, even knowing that there's lots of blogs with tips, I think they all say quite the same and some tips are not updated, so I'll try to give some hoping it can help someone.

So, first of all, you have to see Bitlanders as a real social network and not as just another site to win money. Normally newbies start here just looking to win some and start to subscribe every one and buzz whatever they see, and that's not good at all. Try to explore the site properly and to use it socialy.

Now, first things to do are the daily quests that you can see on the right of the site, everyday you should share a different video on Facebook, you should see 5 videos (you can only open them and after one second close) and you also should see 5 blogs, all that will give you +5 Buzz. Another thing to know is that you have to login everyday if you want to win the daily payment. Also, everyday you can invite one friend from facebook, that will give you +1 Buzz just for the invite and +5 Buzz if they sign up.

Now, about subscribing, you don't need to subscribe 1000 people every day! Yes, that will give you more buzz, but after some days you'll be tired of the site because you lose hours doing that. You can just subscribe 50 or 100 people per day, that will be enough. 

Also keep in mind that you subscribe users in hope that they subscribe you back, so, lets imagine they do, you should be active now. There's no use to have people following you if you don't post anything so try to be active everyday, even if you make only one post. Also, there's lots of different people here, lots of languages, so try to post always in English, more people will understand you.

Now, about the posts, try to choose good pictures and good videos, interesting stuff and art. Quotes are a good technique too, they will be identified as Microblogs...infact, everything you write on your front page with less than 160 letters will be a Microblog, so, even if you say "Thank You" or "Good Morning" it will stay as a Microblog. Try to say that when posting pics or something.

Another thing I really don't like here, begging...don't beg for buzz and that stuff, really, it's not pretty. As I said before, this is a social network not a PTC, so if you come here to subscribe everyone and just post stuff saying "Buzz me" or "Subscribe me" it will not be a good road to follow.

Another tip that many people don't use is the shop. Yes, you spend money, but you can maintain your buzz score buying lots of stuff: clothes, comment stickers, donations, start it can be hard to buy but with time you'll see that those items are there to help you.

At last, but not least, put some material for review, you can win some good buzz and bitcoins with that. Always keep an eye on the quality of what you submit, if it's images, make an album, keep the quality high on the videos and write good stuff, for the tags be careful, always tag things properly.

And for the end, avoid exchangers groups (like on Facebook and stuff), it's illegal, some users have been already banned because of it so be careful.

Good Luck & Good Buzz.


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