How To Get A Job In Middle East?

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I am working in Saudi Arabia since 2014 in one of the largest Cement Company of the Kingdom. I also have experience of working in a multinational bank in Pakistan. Working condition especially in banks in Pakistan is a nightmare in comparison to the salary you are paid. Long working hours with no overtime, pressure for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly targets etc. are the common scenes. Fresh cashier is hired for $ 150 to $ 200 a month. In light of my experience I can easily say that almost same condition persist in other organizations as well.

Coming to the topic, working condition are tough here as well but what you are paid is worth working for.  If you really want to increase your salary and want better way of living for you and your family then you should start looking for jobs outside your country if you are living in any of the under developed countries. In Saudi Arabia normally expats labors are paid $ 120 a month so you can easily calculate what prospects you have if you are better qualified or technically skilled.

Simple guidelines are provided below if you are interested in finding jobs in any Middle Eastern countries:

  • You should have a qualified degree in your field of work with at least 2 years of experience. It will give you more advantage if you are more experienced. Having experience is not must but then you will end up getting job with less salary, more time and work load and yearly promotions and bonuses will be limited.
  • Your degrees or technical certificates must be verified/ attested by the concerned departments and then by the country’s foreign office and finally by the embassy of the country you are willing to apply. In some cases, attestation is required only when job is offered and finalized.
  • Also, you should mentally prepare yourself for hardships in the beginning of the year. You will not get the comfort of your home abroad. Often you will end up remembering your family & friends and often get sad. You may in the beginning will be sharing room with total strangers. Food may not be as good as you used to eat etc. But if you are determined you will surely enjoy in the end.
  • Let say if you prefer to apply in Dubai, then it will be better for you that you should take a month leave from your current employer and visit Dubai. Chances of getting job quickly are increased when you are present there. Employers prefer those candidates who are available for timely interviews.
  • Directly submitting the CV to the companies is preferable in my opinion when you are on the visit, although some may not agree with me but my experience is different from others.  
    Make sure that you have any family member or friend in the country you are applying and visiting as it will serve you as great advantage and you will be relieved from burden of finding a place to live or general guidance which is required when one is visiting a country for the first time.
  • Buy a local mobile sim card immediately after reaching the country and incorporate it in your CV. Don’t throw your sim even you are back home. This will come in handy if you activate roaming on it.
  • If you prefer to apply from your home country then you should watch for newspapers for job vacancies that are available on weekly basis especially on Sundays. Delegates from these countries often use to visit for job interviews and hire people if they find your skills suitable. This is to easiest and quickest way of getting hired in my opinion.
  • Applying online on job sites is a waste of time.
  • Also, keep the check on your family or friends who are working abroad as they may be able to help you find a vacancy or refer you in some cases. So always keep your CV updated.
    Nonetheless it is to mention that your English should be close to perfect and Arabic will surely give you an edge.
  • If you have multiple experiences then prepare different CVs for each experience or at least particular experience that you are applying should be elaborated, explained and highlighted more on your CV as companies are only interested in what they particularly require.

These are the most basics that I find suitable to share with all of you. Some will have different experience then mine but if you are interested then it is worth trying. Wish you all the best. :)


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