How to get Bitcoins? Get started, Firstly: Bitcoin mining.

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Are you planing to start mining Cryptocurrency? As the complexity of Bitcoin-network is growing exponentially, and rises every 13 days, hardware manufacturers already squeeze power 28nm technology to the maximum, and rate of BTC is still not pleasing the eye. We tried to forecast what should you expect if you decide to do Meining using ASIC-miners SHA-256D, and made some calculations that will help you assess the situation clearly.

ASIC-miners SHA-256D for Bitcoin:

Rockminer R3 Box - 450 GHS @ 450W - $ 185 USD
BitMain AntMiner S3+ - 453 GHS @ 355W - $ 215 USD
Rockminer T1 BOX - 800 GHS @ 1000W - $ 349 USD
BitCrane T-110 - 1.1 THS @ 1100W - $ 1299 USD
Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson - 1.7 THS @ 1100W - $ 1190 USD
BitMain AntMiner S4 - 2 THS @ 2000W - $ 1250 USD

Abovementioned list of miners brings to the conclusion that at the moment not so many options are available. Some miners you are able to pre-order and get them next month or, say, at the beginning of next year. Neptune from KnCMiner is also not in the list, so at this point it is no longer available, and even if the guys put it back on the last used price, it is unlikely that someone will buy it. We also decided not to publish the other miners from companies that seem to have opened the delivery, but we could not find a single review and a review of the actual person who ordered and received this product.

Given the current complexity of mining BTC, the day you can get something like:

Rockminer R3 Box - 0.006466 daily, weekly, 0.04526, 0.194 monthly
BitMain AntMiner S3+ - 0.006509 daily, weekly, 0.04556, 0.1953 monthly
Rockminer T1 BOX - 0.01149 daily, weekly, 0.08043, 0.3447 monthly
BitCrane T-110 - 0.0158 daily, weekly 0.1106, 0,474 monthly
Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson - 0.02443 daily, weekly 0.171, 0.7329 monthly
BitMain AntMiner S4 - 0.02874 daily, weekly, 0.2012, 0.8623 monthly

Keep in mind that the above figures reflect the fact that you can archive using hashrate which offer specific ASIC-miners, and if Bitcoin complexity remain at 35,002,482,026. Also, these figures reflect the earned coin, and thus will need to deduct the cost of electricity here in view of the consumption of each individual miner, if you want to get a real picture.

As it is, even 2 THS at the moment does not allow more than 1 BTC per month, the cost of which on the market at the moment is less than $ 400, that's without elimination the cost of electricity. Does not look very promising,does it? That is, for small mining Bitcoin enthusiasts are no longer of any interest, and even for large farms situation looks pretty bad, and therefore we are not surprised that many have started to sell hashrates format cloud services.

What are the cloud services of mining Bitcoins?
Below you can see a few proved, those who pay Bitcoins:

  1. HASH PROFIT - easy mining
    Get 7 days of free 200 KH/s to see how it works.
    We are ready to take control of all the management of the hardware. The efficiency of investment is up to 12-18% per month, and you will get full payback approximately in six months.
  2. Bitcoin Cloud Services cloud mining only 0.00135 BTC per GH/s
    You can see your expected earnings at Bitcoin Mining Calculator

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