How to Hide Files in an Image in Windows

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Step 1: Create a Zip or Rar archive with the files you want to hide

Step 2 : Open Command Prompt. Press “Windows + r” and type ‘cmd’ to open the command prompt.

Step 3 : Select an image either .jpg or .png in which you want to hide the archive.

Step 4 : Now in Command Prompt type the command “copy /B image_path.jpg + new_image_path.jpg” (without quotes).


In the above step, type the paths for your image and zip archive with the format extensions. It’s better to move the contents to a default folder, say its in C drive hide folder so that you can avoid typing the whole path and this makes the task easy. Watch the video above if you haven’t already.

That’s it now a new image with files hidden inside is created with the name you have given in the command. You can also see that the size of the new image is larger than the original one. To extract the files you have hidden, just open the new image using a archive software such as 7 zip and Winrar etc.., and extract the files.


There are many softwares available on Internet to simplify this process. But its better to do it on our own to ensure our privacy. And also this isn’t a difficult trick to learn. Just some simple small commands.

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