How to Increase Buzz

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I just wanted to give you a few tips on How to increase your Buzz account BitLanders

1 Upload Video

Uploading videos is very helpful in improving your account buzz because every day we are given the task to memberu Buzz to other people's videos, with the video so you will likely get a lot more buzz if you upload a lot of videos

2 Often Create a Blog 

 just as well as Video, we will also get a lot of buzz by creating many blogs

3 Giving Buzz to others

By giving buzz and comment on other people's posts, then you can expect that person will give you the buzz .... but please do not write directly that you want the buzz back, it will be considered spam and will impact to your account

4. Subscribe and Be Friendly

5. Diligent make micro-Blog Post
so you can increase the buzz of your posts or pictures for 

so a few tips from me to increase Buzz. if you please, give me 1 Buzz on this post and I will be back to you ........... 


Keep Buzzing........!!!!

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