How to increase earning on Bitlanders

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How to increase earning on Bitlanders

So many of you who have joined Bitlanders would be thinking how to increase earning on bitlanders. If you have not joined it yet Click here  to join Bitlanders. Now how do you increase your earning on bitlanders. There are a few steps involved and you need to do these daily and as much as possible.




Write Blogs

If you want to increase your earning with bitlanders then you have to write blogs daily but do not write very long blogs or very short. Write blogs that are only between 200 to 300 words. Do add some photos in the blog to make it more attractive and so more people come to read it. The more people read your blog the more money you get and when some buzzes your blog you get paid even higher and your buzz score keeps increasing.


Share Photos

Share some good attractive photos, it is one of the best ways to engage people and make them share your posts, buzz them and comment on them. Make sure you do not spam or use adult photos. Keep it simple and nice so you get more followers and get more buzz score.


Write microblogs

Share as many microblogs as you can just like you share statuses on Facebook what everything you post on Facebook post it on bitlanders too, ask question so many people comment on your status and buzz it too so you can increase your buzz. I have found that asking questions is always good it engages a lot of people and helps you increase your comments.


Share video

Now you don’t have to share a video everyday but if you can its awesome just make random videos of whatever you like and keep uploading them and try to make them attractive again so more people are attracted.

These are a few ways of how to increase earning on Bitlanders.


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