How to increase money income from chitika with this effective ways?

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    I try to give you some tricks to  maximize your revenue of Chitika ads on your site.
follow these tricks, you will  will notice your chitika earnings will be near to be doubled.

Utilize of Chitika Apps.

Chitika has released some application to maximize publishers earning. that app. based on three tools; hover, linx and Chitika highlight.
For you, enable just Chitika hover, lynx and Chitika highlight.
Always use the standard text ad type and place this ad wherever you want.
Important note.
It's highly recommended to avoid using Chitika pages. Because readers dislike pop-up pages in a website or blog, they turn off any site give them that pops, especially that full page irritating ads.

Put ads wisely

You know that Chitika ads depends on “related results” type ads. So, you should only put them either below or on top of your blog posts. This position of ads can definitely increase clicks rate.

Number of ads on your site

Do not fill all side bars of your site with ads.After you activated Chitika app. and put one ad inside your posts either in the top or under of the article, you should stop of putting more ads in everywhere in your site, such mistake will make your visitors  easily realize that it’s just an ad, that sure will decrease chances of receiving clicks.



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