How to Increase The Speed ​​Of Scrolling Of Web Pages In Firefox

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When you surf the internet, you can use different web browsers . One of the most common, in addition to Internet Explorer and Google Chrome , is Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes, if a web page is particularly long in, slide to the bottom becomes problematic, but there is a way to speed up this operation, which is called "scrollig". In fact, even the fastest connection might be a problem in being able to read a web page very complicated coming to the end smoothly, and you might get bored before you get to the end. Here is how to increase the speed of scrolling of pages Firefox web 

The first step, as usual, is to start the computer. There is, however, must be connected to the network internet , but you must also start the browser "Firefox", which then opens the main screen in offline mode . In the address bar you must type the string "about: config" and then press "Enter" to confirm. You must press on "I'll be careful, I promise", before you can continue. Soon after, it will open the configuration page of Firefox. On this page, in the text field "Filter", you will have to enter an additional string, "mouse wheel. Acceleration". At this point, you can change all ii values ​​of the paraAfter entering the values ​​that you consider most appropriate to increase the speed of scrolling, you should not do is close the Firefox browser and restart it immediately, as this will take effect the changes you have just made. Since first use next, having for example read the last blog post, you can appreciate the new scroll speed acquired by the browser. meters of this command, or "mouse wheel. Acceleration. Start" and "mouse wheel. Acceleration. Factor". 

The first parameters control the number of times that we have to scroll the page manually, before the acceleratestion beginning, while the latter parameters indicate the intensity with which the acceleration will continue, after they have started. To change these values, there are two opportunities: or you double-click on the item in the specific, or you click with the right mouse button and then select "edit" from the drop-down menu that appears.



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