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Well now a days it has become very difficult to live happily. People are surrounded by thousands of problems . They don't get time to enjoy their life. They don't have time to sit and realise that wether they are satisfied from this life. Are they really living ? Or just running in a race to earn money and be successful.

We all know that world is getting fast but that does not mean we forget how to laugh and forget to be happy. So here I'll tell you some very important things to lead a hppy life. I won't say that sit idle and do nothing . No ! . I'll tell you very basic habbits which will not take your time infact you can continue them  your in your normall routine.


Ofcourse everybody is not just having problem of money. There are many issues in life and one of the biggest issue is expectations of people are too much. People exepect too much which ultimately causes problems in relations. When people expect alot and then get nothing , they get hurt. And this situation leads to hate. Its obvious that they want every one to give them according to their expectations .

But if we keep our expectations to a limit that will help us. If we expect less, people will give us less or more then what we have expected. So in that case when they expect less and get let less ,they would not face the situation of sorrow or sadness.So expect limited no matter who ever it is .


Trust is a very important factor which plays role in almost all fields of life. Without trust relations are nothing. Or we can say that a relationcan not be complete without trust. Friendship, family, relatives each of them have strong bonding due to trust. But this world is getting materilistic. People only , use others for their own benefits. So do not trust people easily. First check that if they help you or be on your side when you need them .

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