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What is Pressure?

You often read this terms in physics. Let's see how Wikipedia define a pressure

"Pressure is the force applied perpendicular to the surface of an object per unit area over which that force is distributed. Gauge pressure  is the pressure relative to the ambient pressure."

Source: wikipedia

As in science, the pressure is the force that is applied on a unit surface. Similarly, in our daily life, all of us are under pressure, under stress. It’s the force that we apply on our mind to make it work continuously.  

For example:

Work hard: you have to pay bills.

Eat less: you need to be under 45.

Working day and night: for achievement

No rest: because you have to rise above

Attention: remember friend’s birthday this year. don’t forget! etc…

These are some of those problems or stress that are always on our mind. Because of these heavy pressures, life becomes a rolling stone. All the excitement of a new day runs away because you are always thinking about different things, improvements, making more money. These pressures make you feel like a robot who is working day and night. Stressful life will never let you give 100% of yours because you are working under pressure.

A life without pressure? Isn’t it cool? A life where you don’t need to cope with financial, emotional, relationship and work pressures. It seems like a fantasy because still, you are alive you have to face one problem after another.

Life is not a bed of roses.

When these problems are part of our life so, why don’t we figure out these problems without having pressure? Yes! We can. I am here to find the solution to this problem. How to live a life without pressure?

1.Focus on the process, not result


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You are assigned some task. The first thing you need to think is how to work rather than thinking about the result. Keep all your focus on work and give your best. Thinking about the result is not your job, you just have to do your task. It will end up all your anxieties and worries. Work in a cool environment and think about how you can do your best? How can you improve your work?

Doesn’t matter what you got at the end what matters is your devotion and satisfaction. Those people who start worrying about results will never focus on their work.

2. Don’t listen to other people

OH!!! she is so stubborn

Oh!!! She is clumsy

Oh!!!!!! her dressing sense is so unbearable...and many more. 

Don’t listen to others about what they think or say about you. Their point of view for you really doesn’t matter. Rather people also don’t have time to think about your problems or matters, they are busy dealing their own life challenges.


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One thing we all need o remember is” don’t look at yourself with the eyes of others”. If we do so we will find it difficult to fulfil the expectations of others. You will never get anything living in the shadow of others. Be yourself and never put a head on what others gossip about you.

3. Overcome Fear of failure


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Almost everyone wants success and afraid of failure. Living in your safe zone means you are not trying. Just because you are afraid of failure you do not stand up and take up responsibilities. Oh if I fail? Of if I wouldn’t be able to achieve it then? All these fear of failures which keep us under pressure. Get out of these pressures and fear and be a man. Failure is not that bad unless you make it.

You failed one time, oh it’s ok. Try something else soon you will get succeed. Unplug everything that is distracting you from your ultimate goals, just find new ways every day. Use your pressure positively in your work rather than putting it on the head.

4.Simplify your timetable


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A hectic routine, timetable and schedule are one of the biggest stress. Life is easy if we take it easy. But, we commit to too many unessential objects. As a result, our life is messed up and stressful. Reduce the number of commitments by filtering the essential ones. Don’t put your head in something that is useless. Design a short schedule for yourself and take breaks for reenergizing your capabilities. Take life easy and you will never feel pressurize.

5.Lower down your expenditures


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One thing that is stressful for everyone is financial problems. The need for money creates many problems for you that exhausts. Controlling your expenditures will cut down the financial pressure. Do not waste money on useless objects. Try to spend smartly so that you might be able to fulfil all your expenditures.

  • Save energy in order to control bills
  • Spend less on shopping and entertainment


These small hacks will help you get free from pressure.

6. Stop running behind perfectionism


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Perfectionism is a baseless point. It’s completely impossible for a person to be perfect so, wasting energy is pointless. It juts you are putting pressure on yourself. And hence your abilities are reduced and you cannot give your best. Each day get better rather than focusing on perfection. Keep in mind one thing PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST.

  • Be happy with your work
  • Improve your mistakes
  • Don't regret, if something went wrong

When you keep it in mind, everything becomes easy.  Because both success and failures are normal.

7.Develop one healthy habit this month


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Besides being active, taking care of health is also important. Reducing stress and pressure will automatically improve your health. Add some healthy habits in your life also like eating fruits and vegetables. Or you can also add exercise or morning walk to keep yourself active.

  • Do Yoga
  • Spend time with nature
  • Live in Fresh air



Being dull and dry will make you lazy and nothing will excite you. So, be happy and energetic both physically and mentally.


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At the final thought, I just advice all my readers to cut down stress and pressure from their lives. Do your work honestly but do not make it stress or pressure. Keep yourself calm and cool. Try these advanced to live without pressure. I hope it helps you all.



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