How to live?

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We are all living, eating, drinking, sleeping and dealing with others. But really are we living and do we know the real meaning of life? Sometime we are unaware, how to live and doing the repetitive tasks every day to prove for ourselves and others that we are alive.

For better understanding of all aspects of life, read the following:

1- Live for today,yesterday is gone and only its experiences remained.Tomorrow does not come yet and to be worry about that is meaningless.

2- Always embrace problems and emotions of life and do not escape from them.

3- Note your successes and good ideas. Always believe in yourself.

4-  Love all human being and to love someone does not need any reason.

5-  Love yourself and try to be respectful.

6-  Accept people and friends as they are. Be kind and polite.

7-  Regardless of differences, accept others and avoid discrimination.

8- Respect others, regardless of their ages and background and do not consider their social positions.

9- Do not envy will be less happy, and life is never going to be perfect and you have to realize that, everyone has problem in their lives, therefore do not focus on negative points that make you envy people.

10- Determine some objectives in your life and for implementing them, make plan and do your best to achieve them. The basic reason for living is to have goals in your life, because whenever you reach  them, you will feel happy and satisfied.

11- Try to be sociable and trusted person and do not betray others.

12- Be optimistic, and determine achievable goals and wishes. Discover your weakness points and problems or deficiencies which bother you in your life and work on them so that you can fix them.

13- Always be flexible. Distinguish between good and bad. Try to analyze between goodness and badness.

14- Control your mind, thoughts and behavior. Listen to others and confer with them, but at the end do what you want.

15- Always smile, if smiling is not enough, laugh. For this purpose it is necessary to find some jokes to bring smile on your lips.

16- Determine short-term goals that you can do in one or several days. Make some programs such as hanging out with friends, going to cinema and etc…..

17- Forgive yourself and others mistake to have a relaxed mood. Be honest with yourself and your friends.

18- Be yourself, always be yourself, because others can recognize your personality and keep loving you.

19- When you are nervous and defeated, do not blame others. Ask yourself why I am sad or nervous? Get a lesson from your mistakes and leave them in the past.

20- Learn as much you can, because knowledge will not hurt anyone.

Finally I want to say, start a happy life from right now. Do not let any anger, anxiety or disappointment rune your life. Live your life and believe in yourself.

Written by: Haroon Mehrzad 

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Haroon was born in 1987 in Nimroz province Afghanistan, graduated from Farokhi high school in 2005. He has joined for three years Faculty of science in heart University in 2006 after three years he has received scholarship for studying abroad in Cairo university Egypt. Right now he is in third…

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