How to lose boredom?

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. Every one has different method to lose boredom. And now I will give you some tips that really works:

1. You have to know where the boredom comes from?

2. You have to know why does it happen to you?

3. When does it happen and how do you lose it?

boredom happens because of the stagnant activity that we always do, see, hear every time. It happens when we feel that we are not spirit to do something useful for our life and we always feel lazy to do the activity. Sometimes boredom happens when you meet someone who is boring and sometimes find something uninteresting. To lose your boredom you just need know what your hobby because hobby can make us spirit and fresh after doing some activities in this life.

Because this boredom comes from yourself, so you can solve this problem by yourself too. You must believe with this wise word " Every cloud has silver lining". It means that where there is problem, there is also solution the main point we always find out that solution as soon as possible. We are given brain or mind to think deeply when we face the difficult thing in this world.

The last solution when you feel bored don;t forget to remember god because he always knows the solution. Don't sleep whole day it just wastes of time in your life.


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