How to Maintain Color Treated Hair for Longer-lasting Color

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How to Maintain Color Treated Hair for Longer-lasting Color

October 10th, 2015

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Stepping into the salon feeling drab and dull happens so many of us, but stepping out with fresh color or highlights and a quick cut leaves you feeling like a million bucks. From shiny locks to a new style, it’s that fresh color that really makes the difference. So how do you make it last? How can you maintain color treated hair so that you also maintain that just out the salon feeling? Here’s a few tips to maintain a vibrant hue, make it last a little longer and leave you feeling gorgeous 100% of the time.

Below: I recently colored my hair so I know it’s a little challenging to keep it looking healthy. But these tips always help me see longer lasting results on my color.



6 Tips for Maintaining Color Treated Hair

#1. Don’t skimp on conditioner. If there is any part of your hair care routine where you should step up your product game – it’s with conditioner. Color treated hair needs moisture to maintain a vibrant hue, and bringing some good conditioner into the mix can really help. Bottom line – don’t skip this step, make conditioner a priority in your morning routine.

#2. Reel in your shampooing. Rather than shampooing daily, aim for 2-3 times a week and use a dry shampoo in between. This will help maintain the natural oils your hair needs to stay moisturized and shiny.

#3. Let the color sink in. Rather than washing your hair the day after your trip to the salon, hold off for 48 hours – maybe longer. This will give your hair the chance to let the color sink in, making it stay more vibrant in the long run.

#4. When you do wash your hair, turn the water down – making it as cool as you can manage. Hot water strips the hair of color and moisture, whereas lukewarm (or better yet) cool water will help keep that moisture locked in.

#5. Whenever you can skip the heat, go for it. On the days you’re able to let your hair naturally air dry and you can avoid the blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, etc – take this opportunity. The heat dries hair leaving it susceptible to all sorts of damage – including dulling that gorgeous color. When you do use hot tools, spray a heat protectant on your locks to keep them safe.

#6. Step up your game when it comes to products. If you’re going to invest in color, also invest in salon grade-A products. From shampoo to styling products, what you put in your hair matters, especially when it comes to keeping color vibrant and locks shiny. Example: Go for color-safe clarifying shampoos and skip the sulfates.

Do you have color treated hair? What are your tips for making it last longer?


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