How To Make A Difference

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Make A Difference


Do you want to help in making a change for a better world? Start it within yourself. The smallest and the simplest things that we often neglect are the most important contributions that we can give. As the saying goes, simple things mean a lot.

Here are some of the ways of life that can help in building a better world to live in.

1. Avoid using plastic like bags, bottles, cups, and etc. Plastic takes years to decompose. It also destroys the ozone layer when burned.

2. Avoid buying canned foods as much as possible. Cans are non-biodegradable when trashed. But they are recyclable.

3. Bring recyclable basket when going to the market to avoid accumulating used plastic bags and wrappers that are trashed later on.

4. Do not throw your trash and garbage everywhere. The best example of this are candy wrappers that contribute to drainage clogging that causes flooding.

5. Do not waste water. Make it a habit to save and conserve water.

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