How To Make Money On Youtube?

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How To Make Money On Youtube?

Youtube is without question the most popular video sharing site and will probably remain so for years to come. The number of people who visit it grows from day to day and always there are new movies that beat records over records. In an environment like this certainly revolve a lot of money. So how make money on Youtube?


To Make Money On Youtube you must have the original films, which belongs to you and to attract the world. If you can not make your views with the film you will not be able to earn money. If you need ideas, you can see the article: How to Find Ideas for Youtube videos?

Once you have done a few movies that you think will attract the public, it is time to go to work and you open an account on youtube with your real data.

Upload videos and give them a catchy name yet as easily searched and found in searches. For example: "Charlie bit my finger", "Sneezing Panda" and "David After Dentist" are films that made sense and certainly sums over 4 digits.

After uploading movies trying to promote and collect as many views. Post them on social networks, blogs, forums, but without making spam. Each of these has a place dedicated off-topic section and where your post will not be reported as spam.

If after the quality of a film, or from the large number of views collected as a result of your efforts to promote team Youtube believe that you could make money, then you get an email. This email will tell you that you can join for distribution of advertisements on a particular film. But just for that movie you can earn money.

If you have a few movies that are registered in the program in step 5 then you can apply for "Youtube Partner". Once approved, you can get income from all disciplinary movies you upload.

Create a Google Adsense account, so that by it you will be paid. Youtube is how you give money. You'll get only when you collect over $ 100 and the AdSense program.