HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE : Earned 487.25$ [Paidverts] + super guide ( Earn big Money 10-500$ / Day )

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What is PaidVerts?

PaidVerts is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers. 
Advertisers purchase ads in our system. We then deliver those ads to proven valuable users, and provide those users with instant cash incentives to interact with the advertiser. 

How PaidVerts Works

Viewing Ads

Each activation ad you view adds 7 days of “active” status to your account (required to receive ads), and also adds 100 BAP to your account (your earning potential; each activation ad will thereby deliver $0.05 worth of paid ads to your account as soon as possible)

To view activation ads:

1. SignUp/Login, and proceed to your members homepage.

2. Click on the activation ad.
3. Scroll down a bit. You will see 3 lines of text in yellow boxes. If you have a mouse, click and drag over the text (or triple click to select the entire box), and then right click (or press Ctrl+C) to copy the text. Then in the box underneath paste that text (right click + paste… or Ctrl+V). Once you copy the text perfectly (including correct capitalization, punctuation and spacing); a green tick will appear.
Copy all 3 lines of text into the spaces provided. So that you see 3 green ticks. And then at the bottom of the page, a green button will appear to visit the advertisers website.
4. Click on the button to view the advertisers website.
A new window will popup; showing a green bar at the top & the advertisers website underneath. Wait for the 30 second countdown to happen; and then press the “Continue” button. This will confirm that you’ve viewed the ad. At that point you can close the window. And your other window will say “Success” ; and your account will be activated + 100 BAP added to your balance.
5. Now you can either view another activation ad, for another 7days + 100BAP or if you want you can wait a few hours and your first paid ads will begin arriving, and you can view those from your Paid Ads page to unlock the cash payments!
Viewing Paid ads is similar to viewing Activation ads where you will have to copy-paste 3 lines of text before proceeding with the ad.
6. You will continue receiving Paid Ads daily, until your account goes inactive or you run out of BAP. At which point, you’ll need to view another activation ad and/or you can buy advertising with PaidVerts; and in addition to receiving 50 visits to your website for every dollar spent, you’ll also receive 3100 BAP. Which means $1.55 worth of paid advertising will be delivered to your account as soon as possible. And if you interact with those ads within 18hours of them being delivered; all that cash will be yours.


You Need To Learn To Get Start Earning Dollars:

What: Bonus Ad Points (BAP) are essentially your earning potential when it comes to receiving paid Bulk Ads. If you want to received paid ads you need BAPs as each ad is delivered to your account, your BAP balance is reduced by the corresponding amount.

Earning Potential: The more BAP you have the more ads you will get and the more high valued ads to show. If you have enough BAP that is equal to the value of the ad, you will have the chance to get that ad and same values of BAP will be deducted in you account balance.
In short If you have let's say 96,000 BAP (as an example only) you have a chance to get: 
► 1 x $51.20 valued ads or
► 2 x $25.60 valued ads or
► 4 x $12.80 valued ads or more ads ranging $0.005 - $6.40 depending on the the amount of BAP balance you have.
Note: For example you have only 1,600 BAP, then your earning potential is limited / capped to receiving ads no greater than $0.80 in value. So if you only have 1,600 BAP, and there is a $1.60 or higher paid ad in circulation, you will not be eligible to receive such ad as that would require 1600 more BAP to receive that ad. Therefore maintaining a big BAP balance is key to receiving the highest value ads and earning big at Paidverts. 

How To Earn Bonus Ads Points(BAP):

1. Free 500 BAP Points daily (500x$0.005 = $0.25 value) to all members.
From your members main page(top right side), click on the link to view an account Activation Ad. This will activate your account for 7days (required to receive any ads at all), and it will also add 100 BAP to your account. You can view up to 5 activation ads per server day.
2. Win up to 10,000,000+ free bonus BAP points by completing different achievements. 
Check out the Account Milestones section on your members main page, as your account completes various achievements (viewing ads + referring friends) you can unlock various fixed bonuses of up to 10,000,000 BAP! 
3. Earn 3100 BAP per $1 spent on advertising either in account balance or from your Payment Processors.

155% return: 3100 BAP x $0.0005 = $1.55 ; a $0.55 profit for every $1 you spent on advertising both from your account or any other available payment processors.

As an Investor :

$10 investment(10x3100=31,000 BAP) is a good start but the most ideal would be from $30-$100 if you want to get your investment back faster and earn more profit in a short time. 
► The return of investment is at *155% so the higher your investment the higher the return.
Computation: $1 = 3100 BAP ; 1 BAP = $0.0005 ; 3100 x $0.0005 = $1.55 and that is 155% of your investment.


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