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A writer is "a person who is able to write and has written something". The definition doesn't specify whether or not this happens in exchange for a payment, but it's quite clear that some type of monetary reward is expected. The concept of "writer" has changed through time, and today it acquires a special significance. A different form of written product needs to be integrated and added to the list of the well-established books, journals, newspapers and magazines, even if it's not on paper: online blogging.
Bloggers write about anything, and anything can attract readers' attention and interest if it's written in a certain way. As long as you are passionate about what you write, there will be people interested in your stories. Internet will do the rest. The amount of readers you can attract is unlimited, and the speed you can reach them is amplified by the immediacy of the virtual reality. Just think about how quickly those YouTube videos are watched and shared online or how quickly those twits proliferate across the globe! There are basically no limitations to the number of individuals you can involve in the process... and the revenue you can generate by sharing your blogs on social media can be substantial.
Making money online with Internet might sound difficult to achieve, but some people are finding the way, and it can be quite remunerative. Think about those individuals living in countries where the average salary would mean poverty line here: they can get paid to write blogs much more than doing their full time jobs. Yes, it IS possible to earn money with blogging! Just find a website to post blogs in exchange of a monetary reward and start writing. As simple as that.
Where to submit blogsFilm Annex offers this opportunity. This is a company that provides a virtual platform for independent film makers to show their work and promote their film, but it also rewards individual bloggers with a stipend that is in direct relation with their "buzz score". Depending on the following you develop through your social media, you will be given a buzz score: the higher the number, the more the reward. If your buzz score is 15, you will receive a payment of $15 for each article you write. This doesn't seem much here in the US, but think about what this could mean in a country like Cuba, for example, in which the average salary is $15 per month: one article could potentially allow a Cuban citizen to earn as much as he/she brings back home after a whole month of full time employment! Yes, these opportunities are out there up for grab... you just have to look for them, find them and use them at your own advantage. Ready... Get set... Go!
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