How to make money with ATM extension

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New site where you can trade rv (virtual curency) for profit in the market or gain passive income viewing advertisements.There is a plugin for chrome ,you install it and it works automatic when you have chrome open.You get 5 level income from affiliate program.
You can also pay to advertise your banners.

Install the add-on in chrome / mozilla
1) register FREE here:
2) click on the ad / surfing
3) install plugins
4) Click the symbol RV upper right corner of the browser login
5) turn keeps your browser
6) RV will flow continues
Payment min $ 1: PM, Bitcoin, litecoin ,Payer.
Good Luck!

ATM2YOU is a versatile automated platform that combines complex of functions associated with the generation of profits, internal cryptocurrency mining (RVCOIN) and active promotion of online services and internet products. Formed in 2015, the idea was implemented as a set of tools in the form of extension for web browsers, which helps in the currency mining and Exchange for buying and selling of cryptocurrency. ATM platform offers stable and transparent earnings in three related areas: using of plugin for viewing advertising content, free trading by RVCOIN, partnerships with potential advertisers, as well as promoting of ATM ideas on the Internet and beyond. An internal Exchange enables to perform any operations with cryptocurrency: there you can buy and profitably sell RVCOIN at the current rate. The platform’s website has a high conversion and offers low prices for the placement of ad banners, this is undoubtedly attractive opportunity for advertisers.Your possibilities are endless with the ATM!

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