How to make more money with an English major doing freelance writing

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Some people may be looking for alternatives to their regular nine-to-five jobs. One option could be freelance writing. Freelance writing not only offers flexibility but can be financially rewarding, depending on how much time and effort writers give it. In the following webinar, How to make more money with an English major doing freelance writing, English majors learn how to navigate the challenges of making money with an English major and the similarities and differences between freelance writing and writing as a full-time job. They will also get an expert’s opinion on building a freelance writing business right out of college and how to figure out if freelance writing is right for them.

This webinar features Sarah Greesonbach, author and freelance writer, who actually writes for a living. The webinar is moderated by Andrea McEwen-Henderson, former National Account Manager for College Recruiter. In the course of this short webinar, we’ll take a look at a simple template for building a freelance writing business, how English majors can get started bringing in clients today, and hear Sarah’s story of growing her writing business from nothing to a full-time income working less than full-time.


The writing market is strong inside and outside the box of the full time job.

If writers have ability and discipline, they can make full-time incomes as freelance writers.

English majors have valuable skills that can translate for corporate and freelance success.

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What is freelancing and how does it compare to a full-time job?

Freelancing is when people take on independent, flexible contract work. Freelance work is different from full-time work in that assignments are negotiated between equals instead of through an employer-employee relationship.

How do you find freelance writing jobs, and how is that different from finding a full-time job?

Freelance writing jobs are found on freelance websites unlike full-time jobs, which are found on job boards. Job seekers should learn about the language of freelancing and read about successful authors. This will help them find a new approach to job hunting.

How much income can a freelancer make?

People can make more or less money in freelancing depending on how much time they spend doing it, how they brand, or if they specialize in certain areas. The more energy put into freelancing, the more income comes out of it.

Sarah Greesonbach is an undergraduate English major who actually writes for a living. Her work has been featured on YAHOO! Business, AOL Careers, and more, and she is a staff writer for Simply Hired. She recently published “Five Figure Writer: The Email Template and Tips I Used to Make $59K My First Year Freelancing,” a how-to guide and community for making a full-time income writing less than full-time.

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