How to make oreo truffles (3 ingredients oreo balls)

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How to make oreo trufflesd
3 ingredients no bake oreo balls

Super Easy No Bake Oreo Truffles made with only 3 ingredients. Made both ways with white chocolate and dark chocolate! These Oreo Truffles are super addicting! I didn’t think Oreo’s could get any better until now. These truffles are made with just 3 ingredients: Oreo’s, cream cheese and chocolate These truffles are creamy, chocolatey with a bit of tang thanks to the cream cheese. The chocolate shell makes them super popbable and addicting! Super simple but so AMAZING! The truffles can be made a day ahead and refrigerated. They do require some chilling time in the fridge to set but they are totally worth the effort! Make these Easy Oreo Truffles for your next get together or over the holidays

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