How to make perfect Figure

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How to make perfect Figure




If weight loss is one of your goals, weigh yourself before you begin and track your progress weekly. Weigh yourself at the same time of the day on the same set of scales for the most accurate result. Don’t weigh in daily, as hormone levels and other factors can lead to fluctuations.


WE all want to have flat tummy. But the question is how to achieve this.

  • Appreciate how your body works by trying yoga or stretching
  • Balance your Control diet with proper Exercise.
  • If you want to make some real progress, your exercise program should also include at least 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise three to five times per week, with some stretching before and after to help the body with recovery and flexibility.
  • Try activities like brisk walks, jogging, swimming, cycling, rollerblading, gym class or a game of tennis or squash.
  • Drink plenty of water. Drink at least 1 liter of water every day.
  • Avoid snacking on junk food.
  • Protein is the fuel your muscles need to become firm and toned.  Whey protein found naturally in milk, has very low levels of carbohydrate (lactose) and fat. Good sources of protein include chicken, tuna, and yogurt.

  • Rather than eating just two big meals, eat three main meals and two or three snacks such as a yoghurt, an apple during the day.
  • Increase the intake of Citrus fruits lie orange and grape fruits.
  • Use skimmed milk instead of milk as dairy product. Because it causes bloating and gas.
  • Many women make the mistake of cutting out all the fat from their diet. Fat is vital to your health and eating more of the good fats can help to protect your heart, brain development and provides anti-inflammatory properties.
  • If you are exercising hard to get your body into good shape, you should treat it every now and then too.
  •  Go and get a massage to alleviate any tension or stress you may be feeling. Or if you don’t fancy the massage, take a long, hot bath and soak your worries and any muscle soreness away.
  • When we feel negatively about our bodies, we tend to dress in baggy or shabby clothes and wait until we lose weight to buy something we like. But why? Feel good now and find attractive clothes that fit your current size.
  • Try clothes on before you buy and make sure they fit well in all areas.
  • Treating yourself will make you feel renewed and motivated.






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