how to make solar air cooler at home

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This summer I want to refresh me especially my PC gonna manufacture a aircon it consumes too much energy and too expensive, by cons I saw an interesting product at the fair in Toulouse. air fresheners them, it works with a fan which sends air through a wall on which flows water. the manufacturer showed me its curves and obtaining a reduction of 10 ° with respect to the temperature exterior when it is very hot. I was able to test the product and it's true we feel good freshness, that is effective in small areas. Disadvantage it consumes water as it uses the principle of evaporation and there must be a window ajar for air circulation and avoid having 100% humidity. Advantage it consumes quedal just the power of the fan but it is sold at exorbitant prices as superfuelmax the same type product is sold in Feu Vert, Norauto for cars, some had no other results. looking plans to copy the product I know that there is a water pump that circulates the water on walls. I thought using a cabin filter with a small pump that would circulate the aquairum downward afloat on the filter in front of the fan. If you have information I'm interested.

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