How To Make Your Skin Beautiful

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Everyday we must clean our body for good skin.
i am giving you some tips First you have to Drink water alot. Water is also good for over all health. Water makes soft skin it can also cured acne and moisture your skin. Drink 8 glass daily or 2 litres water in a day.

Take Diet healthy dont over eat. Drink fresh juices

take bath with warm water atleast once exfoliate your skin remove dull skin and be sure cosmetics must be good



simple tips :  

water is very necessary as I told you! 

  1. Add two drops of Coconut oil in bath tub water must be warm 
  2. Give time yourself 10 to 15 minutes
  3. Contain dairy ingredient in Soap
  4. Smoothly apply soap than wash it gently
  • beware, water must be WARM

after shower: 

  1. Dry body with towel pat it gently
  2. Apply Cream 
  3. Use lip Balm (Vaseline,Baby lips)

          for the best result use body cream or vitamins A creams for moisture skin gives a best result.

While You Remove Makeup 
Use Cotton pad Or Makeup Remover

Apply makeup remover then wait for a while after five minutes wash your face gently. Please dont sleep with makeup on so, dont take this risk in your Skin

Skin Will Damage Forever Love Your skin

Fruits For Skin:


Best for skin. For glowing skin you have to eat Oranges more oranges more glowing skin. Its good in prevention acne or dull faces. It has Citric Acid removes bacteria also its good for skin it helps natural scrubber all dirts will remove. Skin willl become clear soon because its has Vitamin C helps in sunburn it will overcome you can also peel and try on face it will give you a glowing skin. You will definitely like it.

Eat Fruits Containing C,A and E 



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