How to Make Your Wife Feel Really Beautiful

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Your wife plays a major part of your life so you have to take care of her. You are blessed to have someone beside you everyday helping you reach for you goals in life. Your wife is God's special gift for you. So make sure you make her feel important by making her feel that you love her and she's still beautiful.

Here's How to Make Your Wife Feel Really Beautiful

1. Always tell your wife, she is beautiful.  Look at her eyes everyday and tell your wife that she is as beautiful to you as the day you got married. You have to really mean it by saying it nicely.

2. Always treat your own physique with respect.  If you want your wife to feel really beautiful, show her that she deserves your best.  You should respect her by taking care of yourself always.


3. Never compare your wife negatively to other women.  Your wife sometimes compares herself to other women without asking you.  You should find ways to give her some genuine compliments.


3. Make sure she always catches you looking at her.  Make more eye contact with your wife across the room; then, give her that genuine smile reserved just for her.  It will make your her feel good.

4. You have to show that your wife is prominent in your life.  You should place her photo on your desk at work.  Always carry her photo in your wallet.  Talk about her to your co-workers, friends, and most especially your children.

5. Never view pornography video.  Nothing makes your wife feel more unloved. It would make her feel really bad about herself.

6. Always be deliberate about your romance.  Bring her flowers for no reason at all. Try to sometimes leave a nice love note on her windshield.  Open the door for her always and  Don't  stop dating her.

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