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Hello Guys My Name Is Raja Osama and today I will be telling you on how to forget someone from your life.
This is like someone
who just broke
your heart, or cheated on you, or who just F**ked up your trust, and forgotten about the person he/she loved.
I know in today’s world they are people falling in love and then they are some people that will get serious and take another path leaving you behind. This is because he/she has found someone better than you so he/she left you to be .

I am going to tell you on how to forget someone in Easy simple steps which I am sure that it will help. But before that I would like to give some advice to the Younger ones who want to Experience love at early age so this article is more about love.
Tips Which Can Help You to Forget Someone.
1) Review the reason why the individual is not worthy of being remembered. Just always Remember what he did to you and how does it make you feel.
2) Try to get rid of all the Items, Images and gifts of that person.
3) Try not to dream about the person who cheated you. Stop thinking about the person, and make yourself busy in games, sports, and movies. Don’t watch emotional movies that because this will remind you of that person. Don’t even listen to emotional music that reminds of the person you loved once upon a time.
4) Delete his/her phone number, emails and also remove them from your social profile if they ...........
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