How To Mine BitCoin Through Submitting Blogs, Photos, and Videos

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Here at Film Annex we want to make sure our users know that every time they submit photos, videos, or blogs they have the ability to earn BitCoin which they can then convert into dollars, pounds - you name it.

One of our top contributors, Mike Sweeney, is our resident BitCoin expert and has an amazing understanding of the crypto-currency, but I'd like to show you guys how you can start the process and begin mining BitCoin by submitting photos, videos, and blogs here on Film Annex.

As I've been doing this for awhile I've broken it down into steps so you can copy what I do here on the platform - 

1. Sign Up For Film Annex

When you first arrive here choose how you'd like to sign up and make your way to your own account page. 

2. Share Your Content

Here at Film Annex we really encourage a wide array of different content from all our different members and countries. Everybody has a unique story to tell and we want you to tell it in the most genuine way you can. This can be through photos, videos, or blogs. It can even be just contributing to conversations and sharing others work that you find interesting. 

Whichever interests you more we want you to explore the site, learn, and share with others. That's our goal here.

I personally stick to blogs since I can barely hold a camera and don't know the first thing about editing a video so in this example here's a blog I wrote about a television series.

3. Get Some Buzz

The way we gauge your influence here at Film Annex is through the Buzz Score. It's a number from 0-100 that tells us how many people have seen your content and how much content you're willing to share.

The higher the buzz the more you get paid. The best way to do this is be consistent and share your content in social media and with other Film Annex members

4. Get BitCoin

The higher your buzz gets the more BitCoin you'll generate.

See that long number with the B logo?

That's how much BitCoin you've generated with your content and sharing. Keep it up and the BitCoin will keep coming in.

If you don't have a BitCoin Wallet we recommend you use COINBASE to set one up. It's totally free and will generate a wallet number that you can add to your profile.

Once we see that number added to your account that's where we'll deposit your BitCoin.

5. Cash Out

After you reach $200 (right now that's about 0.29 BitCoin) and your account has been active for 10 weeks you'll be eligible for your first cash-out! This is our way of verifying you as an actual user.


Once you go through the waiting process and reach the milestone you never have to do this again. Check out the page in your menu called "My Revenues."

At anytime you can click the Piggy Bank up there and it will send a notification to our team that you're looking to get paid. We'll follow this request up normally in 24 hours and verify any payment information that's missing.

6. Get Paid

That's it! With your wallet set up and your account in full speed Film Annex will send you the BitCoin you've earned.

You can then choose to hold onto the BitCoin or convert it into dollars, pounds, etc through your wallet service. 

Since the price of BitCoin fluctuates with the market it's up to you whether to hold it in BitCoin, however, we're happy to answer any questions you have since we have a resident BitCoin expert (Mike Sweeney) at Film Annex.

That's all it takes to start mining BitCoin through submitting photos, videos, and blogs here at Film Annex. Sign up today, tell us your story, and start making some BitCoin!

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