How to mine Bitcoins without hardware. A step by step guide by Sem Maltsev

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Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency and can be used like money to buy physical goods and services. Few weeks ago announced that they accepting bitcoins and I think its a big step in evolution of digital currencies. 

Users can send and receive bitcoins using digital wallets, its very similar process you do with PayPal, but bitcoin has advantage here, because transaction fees are much lower than any bank or online payment systems.

As of now (February 5th, 2014) 1 BTC = 850 USD (approximately).

Bitcoins are created by a process called mining. Lets talk about traditional way of mining. First of all its a very complicated process that requires users to buy powerful hardware and be expert in special software. In my opinion you have to be a hacker to do such process.

Here is a fantastic video that explains mining like 1,2,3: 

And the process of mining is getting more complicated everyday.

Most bitcoin users don’t mine! Bitcoin mining is a business and very competitive one. Mining only makes sense if you plan to do it for fun and thus don’t care if you make a profit.

But enough with bad news, and lets get to the process of mining without hardware, because if you reading this post I hope that you interested to get bitcoins and make a profit. 

I would like you to introduce Film Annex, its online platform that pays for content such as blogs and videos. And from February 1st, 2014 Film Annex paying to their users by Bitcoins (“Film Annex Bitcoin Rush”). Its a great time and place for BTC miners to take advantage and I am sure they will.

Step by step process to “mine” Bitcoins on Film Annex:

  1. Go here and register.
  2. Login to your account and get familiar.
  3. Write your first blog. Choose any topic and don’t copy&paste.
  4. Share it on your social media platforms. Ideally you should become an influencer and build following, it will help you to generate more BTC.
  5. Upload videos. This part is little bit more complicated than blogs, but today cameras are very cheap and with some basic video editing skills you can produce good quality videos even with you smartphone. Videos as well as blogs are subject to review by moderators for duplication (all rights should reserved by you) and quality (the better quality the more people will see them and the more BTC you’ll get).

As of now I personally do 1-2 blogs per week and generate ฿ 0.0085 per day which is around ฿ 0.255 ($240) per month. But there are almost no limitations, you can make up to ฿ 3 per month. The more blogs you’ll write, more videos you’ll upload, more influencers and followers you’ll get, all that can give you financial freedom. 

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