How to motivate yourself to "CODE" ?

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For a long time , I've been listening around , why 'CODING' ?
Why learn "Programming" , what's that cool in it ?
Even I've listened to guys in Final year of their IT degree , most often they do not find coding to be kind of 'thrilling' .
Even some fellas in the production environment , around highly technical guys , they were found whispering " why they do this to themselves ? what's that interesting in programming that these fellas at dice become obsessed with coding ?" .

So to answer them i would say , " It's not obsession , it's passion . They are the legends of their own little world of coding " .

Speaking of motivational factor in coding I have arranged some points in the succeeding paragraphs.

This is your line:

To be honest , you must know if it's coding that you actually want. You must know well that coding means something to you and why you're doing that . If coding is not something you want to do, then leave it to those who do.


Yes , you read that right , at least for me , it is ! If to prove that point , i can make a statement that every programmer will agree .
When your code is in knots and nothing is going your way , those are the times when wakening your inner animal will help push you forward so that you can stay motivated and ease any frustration that you may have.

Have a good competitor:

I've seen it work in many cases , to be honest it actually works on my level . If you have a good competitive partner , it's quite often that you will compete and in this race to the never ending line you both will be winners .

Get a nice mentor:

In my opinion , an instructor can do nothing but to provide his invaluable advice and motivation derived from their real-world experience.

Do it all:

To be a true programmer you must have addiction to "Do it all" . If you are working on a problem you either solve the whole or do nothing .

Share ideas:

Share ideas with people who are close to you . sometimes when you get positive feedback about an idea , you get really amped up and can't un-glue yourself from a computer screen.

Inspiration from geeks:

Find inspiration from some good guys in industry. Soak in their success and failures. Often times they have very interesting tips and techniques to stay focused and succeeding in things that interest you. You may find dedication and inspiration in their thoughts.

Get inside the realm:

Surrounding yourself with coding and code related content might make you grab your laptop purely because you saw something that reminded you that you could be productive in your down time.

New language:

Learning a new language can be really exciting and often takes a lot of attention in addition to time. It also makes you a better programmer and sparks your wits.

Treat with your type:

Someone said " Don't try to race a sheep , don't try to herd race horses".
so if you are slow like sheep , don't race , use motivational techniques that are appropriate to the level of developers you're working with. But if you are a race horse , rules are just useless to you , you are meant to break the rules, so in that case get ready to race , to compete !

Supportive communities:

To engage with guys who are new and curious about coding , and get help from experts you must join supportive communities like "stackoverflow" . At least , it's what self taught programmers like me do .

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