How To Not Be Shy In BitLanders Without Spamming

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Hi! This is Drei318 and this is my third blog. It is about how to not get shy in BitLanders without spamming.

Ok, I have a confession. I used to be shy. I have been since the day that I first played BitLanders. That day was 03/28/16. On that day, I posted only 1 microblog which was a sticker of a cat. I would post a microblog only once in 2 or 3 days. Although, I overcame my shyness in early April. On the 7th or 8th, I posted my first blog. On the 9th or 10th, I posted my first gallery. On the 12th (yesterday), I was able to post 1 blog, 2 galleries, and 22 microblogs. But how did I overcome the shyness?

Why are you shy?

Ask yourself why are you shy? Why don't you post anything? Is it because you think people will put negative comments? Is it because people will think you are spamming? No! Don't think of that! It will prevent you from posting anything. Just think that you are using Facebook. Think that you know all the people in BitLand. Well, there is another possibility, maybe you just don't know what to talk about? For that question, go below until you see the bold "what to post?".

Too confident?

If after reading that part you felt confident, it's good. But what's bad is being TOO confident. If you are too confident, you might end up spamming.

What to post?

Post what you are doing now or quotes. If you don't want, you can collect photos from your  camera roll (iPad/iPhone) and make it into a gallery! Or, if you have time, think about what you want to post and make it into a blog! Also, collect videos from you camera roll (iPad/iPhone) and make it into several movies! (Confession: I have 0 movies)

Did it help? Or not?

If it did help, that's good. If it did not help, it's ok, you still have 3 other ways to earn! Read my previous blogs for that.






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