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PayPal is the most popular online payment processor around the world today. Basically, the site offers sending and receiving payment services.  You can use it for online shopping,  reservation for hotel accommodations, booking flights, transferring fund, rental payment and payment for services.  For online workers, this is one way of receiving payments from freelancing sites. I prefer using PayPal to book flights whenever I go for a travel. It is convenient to use and at the same time, it helps me control my spending since I do not need to get a credit card. Most of all, this is my favorite way of receiving payment from my online sites.

Currently, the site has 210 million active account holders using its digital payment platform through desktops, laptops, mobile and other devices and online apps. The site offers service with more than 200 countries and supports 25 currencies.  It is widely accepted by millions of different companies all over the world.

Let's watch this video showing how PayPal started its way into becoming the most popular digital payment platform. The video shows the milestones that helped the company in achieving its current status. 

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For online workers like me, having a verified PayPal account is a crucial thing. This is because many online working sites pay through this platform. Although some sites pay their members through different payment processors, there are some sites that pay through PayPal alone. Some of these sites are Humanatic, Spare5, ScaleAPI, myLot and several other sites which I am not a member. 

PayPal is convenient and easy to use. You can access it from any gadget or device and as long as there is an internet connection. Withdrawal is processed and transferred within 2 to 3 days. I have been working online since 2011 and I never encountered any problem with this site. 

Do you know that PayPal is also offering rebates? 

Yes. From time to time PayPal gives rebates to online freelancers. Here is a screenshot of one of my rebates received from the site. 



Opening a PayPal Account

Having been working online for several years, I would often receive messages and queries asking assistance in creating a PayPal account. Due to the increasing numbers of queries and requests for assistance, I deemed it necessary to write this article. For most newbies who are trying to explore the online working field, this is one of the basic things they need to give due consideration before going any further.  PayPal account is a prerequisite before an individual could sign up an account. 

Opening a PayPal account nowadays is somewhat different from how I did it several years ago.  The site frequently updates their page layout including their guidelines. Thus, it is also a must that the tutorials and articles be updated as well. 

Technically speaking, opening a PayPal account is a simple process but for those who are just starting, this can be quite complex.  So, I made this tutorial as simple as possible. Hope you were able to follow and if not, please don't hesitate to message me for further instructions and assistance.

Who are Qualified to have a PayPal Account?

To be eligible to use the PayPal Services, you must be at least 18 years old or higher based on the age of majority in your jurisdiction,

Resident of one of the countries listed on the PayPal Worldwide page

Now Let's Proceed to the Actual Signing Up Process:

First and foremost, before opening a PayPal account, please open your active email account. This can be your Yahoo, Gmail or any other email you are using.  Have it opened in one tab because we will be using it later on. 


On your browser, open another tab and go to  You will see the Sign Up button on the uppermost right corner beside the Log In button. Click the Sign Up button.  

Another page will open giving you two options.  Buy with PayPal, for people who primarily want to buy online (personal account)  and Received Payments With Paypal, for people and business who primarily want to receive payment (business account).  Click the GET STARTED button under the Buy With PayPal option.  Please refer to the image below.

Screen shot of the actual PayPal Sign Up page 


Please see to it that you are using an active email account before proceeding with the rest of the sign up process.



A preliminary form requiring you to give your email and desired password will appear on the screen. Password must be at least 8 characters and must include at least 1 digit or symbol (!@#$%^).  After filling out the required information, click CONTINUE.


Please remember, signing up with PayPal is always free


Another blank form will appear. Fill out the necessary information giving due attention to details. Make sure to give legitimate information. Giving out fake or bogus details will bring you problems in the future. Make sure the name you use is the same as the one you are using with your bank to avoid issues. This is one of the common problems encountered by some of my friends. The name they used in creating a PayPal account does not match the name on their bank accounts. Be very careful in filling out this form. Please refer to the image below for guidance.


This is a screen shot of an actual sign up page:



After completing the form, click the User Agreement and Privacy Policy box and click Agree and Create Account. Your details will be submitted and you will be prompted to check your email account used during the signing up process. 


On your email account, wait for the email sent by the PayPal management team. Upon receipt of the email, look for the verification link inside the email and click it so that you will be routed back to the PayPal account page. 

Once you click the verification link, you will receive another email congratulating you for successfully creating an account. 

Congratulations! You have successfully created a PayPal Account.


But that would not be the end because most online working sites do not accept members with unverified PayPal account. Watch out for my next blog which will cover simple ways to verify PayPal account. 

Thank you for reading my blog.


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