How to open locked profile pictures on facebook?

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hi readers, welcome  to Many times we see that we can’t open profile picture of someone on Facebook. basically the person don’t want to share his/her profile picture publicly  So thats why he/she make his/her profile picture private. Facebook uses some sort of security to lock these pictures. Today i am going to share you a trick by using it you can bypass this security and would be able to open locked profile pictures on facebook.

Step by step guide:–>


Step 1.

First of all open the profile of that person whom you want to see the profile picture.
>now you have to copy the user id of that person as given below
fb userid

Step 2.

>>> id/picture?width=800
>now in above url replace the user id with your copied user id. It will looks as below–>
locked profile pic

Step 3.

now just press enter and you will see profile pic of that person will open in full size
>>So friends that’s how we bypass the facebook security and unlock the locked profile picture.
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